Comix Harem Review (Is It Worth Playing?)


What you get is instant sex appeal, quick gameplay, and a pretty solid free-to-play game. Like most free-to-play games Comix Harem does slow you down quite a bit if you don't pay into the game, but it isn't enough to stop progression, even though sometimes it can be a little annoying. If you are looking for a new Harem game with some great sexual content and a fun way to challenge other players this is totally worth your time.


  • Getting instant sexual content is a huge deal to me and Comix harem doesn't hold back on this.
  • There is an active Discord server where other players discuss and talk tactics.
  • The game is easy to play and has a great in-game tutorial
  • Challenging other players is really exciting and gives you something to work towards
  • The retro pop culture graphics are so seductive and uncensored
  • The storyline is engaging, funny, and arousing
  • Game modes galore make this game easy to [play for months on end
  • Seeing your global harem rank makes it feel like more of a community game.


  • The in-game microtransactions can be a bit of a pain
  • Coins are easy to buy but take away from the retro style of the game
  • The soundtrack fits the story mode well but it is a bit repetitive after a while
  • To complete the daily missions you do need money and energy, even sometimes a random item, which can be costly
  • There isn't much actual gameplay, simply a story to follow, a harem to upgrade, and easy challenges to win.
How Many Hours Of This Game I've Played:

Quick Facts:

Where to play: As I've mentioned many times the best place to play most adult games is Nutaku as it keeps all your saved info in one place and you can get 200 extra coins for Comix Harem by playing it there if you are creating a new account. You can also play direct through

Developer: Kinkoid which are the creators of hentai clicker (my hentai clicker review), gay harem, pornstar harem and they also made one of my all-time favorite adult games, hentai heroes, one of the best developers in this space right now.

Genre: Western, Fantasy, Comic style, cosplay, superpowers, harem, role play, deck building, battler gameplay.

Language: English, French


    Kinkoid has done it again, they have created a free-to-play adult game that captures you and sends you into a parallel universe of horny and sexually frustrated hot comic book chicks. Like something straight out of a seductive '90s and early '00s comic book, the graphics of this RPG comic-book-style game are out of this world, and from the moment you join, nothing is left uncensored or left to the imagination. It focuses on novel progression and with a retro style, it really combines something so familiar with a modern and juicy twist.

    I like to play Comix Harem on the Natuku platform as it saves my progress and keeps all my adult games in one place. It is a very accessible game as it works flawlessly on phones, PCs, and laptops too, and as somebody who likes to push my devices to their limit when it comes to adult gaming, that is a serious compliment.

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    So, What Is Comix Harem?

    superhero sex outside on by car in the video game comix harem

    Based on the same ideals as the popular adult game Harem Heroes, this quirky game is an RPG, with story-rich content and a ton of uncensored and fantasy elements, you will most likely love this adult game. As soon as you start the game up, explicit images crowd your screen, with detailing that you don't always get with animated games. It's very arousing from the off and that type of uncensored content isn't taken away from you, you get it through the entire gameplay and get to enjoy a riveting and exciting storyline and plot throughout too.

    Your main objective as a comic book superhero is to seduce horny and hot comic book girls who you encounter as you progress through the story, this can be spontaneous, through saving them from angry villains and even in nightclubs, once you meet them you can invite them to join your harem of women and from there defeat real opponents and level up your girls by showing them affection, giving them gifts and letting them please you as you show them how it's done, the better you all work together, the more powerful you become in defeating other plays in sex battles and challenges.

    The unique and Westernized comic book game art is truly what makes this game stand out in its universe, with cinematic comic-book performances and mid-dialogue fucking that goes without saying how sexy this game is. Immersed in pop culture this adult game is a twist on the usual hentai/anime and manga styles we see so frequently.

    It is a free game and although you are prompted to purchase in-game coins now and again, you don't have to do this straight away. If you do buy coins, you will find you get free in-game currency for things like confirming your email address and special deals when you purchase a bundle. Buying coins just allows you to upgrade your harem quicker and gives you an edge when it comes to competing as you will be able to have a stronger fleet of sexy women by being able to purchase their gifts and affection.

    My Full Experience Playing Comix Harem (Is it worth it?)

    From this

    To this

    There's nothing worse than a censored adult sex game, it just feels wrong but when it came to Comix Harem, that was the complete opposite, nothing is left to the imagination. You're met instantly with graphic and stunning comic book-style animation whilst you're guided into the game.

    The in-game tutorial is useful and once you get a hang of where everything is, it starts to make sense really quickly. You begin by progressing through the animated and spiraling story that takes you, a superhero, on an adventure to save and team up with hot superheroines who all became a part of your busting harem.

    There are daily challenges, and an adventure mode that takes you through the retro-style story mode, level-ups, cash pots and points to be spent. Although this game doesn't require you to do any actual distinguishable gameplay, it does satisfy those cravings and it feels as if you're doing way more than just reading and enjoying the story as it unfolds in front of you.

    Not only is the script sensual, hardcore, and a real page-turner it's actually funny in places too, keeping much to its comic roots, it's an entertaining story plot. You find this out instantly and once you start, it's hard not to want to continue playing and upgrading your harem of comic sluts. It can be played for hours on end and it feels almost endless with how many twists it takes, there are also monthly challenges and daily tasks to complete too, so even if you finish the map, there's more to explore and do.

    All The Things You Need To Know About Comix Harem

    threesome cutaway scene in comix harem

    System Requirments: Will work on almost every PC as it doesn't take hardly anything to play and the same goes for most smartphones.

    Platforms: Can be played on just about any device, works on my PC, Mac and on both my iPhone and my android phone flawlessly. I believe it works on any OS and any platform right now.

    Privacy: If you get it on Nutaku, part from the emails promoting other games (you can easily disable that), you'll not get anything that tells anyone you've played this game other than if you go on your Nutaku account.

    Safety: If you play it on Nutaku or on it's 100% safe and virus free.

    Cost: Free to play with a lot of options for microtransactions (you can progress without paying anything it just takes longer). You can also make some easy coins starting this game and then playing some of the other games created by Kinkiod, you'll get a prompt if you play this game through Nutaku that will allow you to do this.

    Are there cheats: There isn't any cheats, but there is strategies that you can follow that will allow you to play the game at a much quicker pace.

    Are there DLCs: No DLCs, but the next step up would be to play pornstar harem, then to graduate to hentai heroes.

    Time To Complete the game: 65+ Hours, really it can go on for way longer than that,  but you can build a pretty epic set up in that time.

    How Does It Match Up:

    Sexual Meter

    My Verdict

    8.4 out of 10

    Overall, this story-based game leads you through a series of sexually graphic comics that ultimately bring you a glorious harem of sluts that allow you to challenge other players, compete in tasks, and have the most successful harem in the Hero universe.

    It's free to play but you will run into some necessary microtransactions as you progress further and further into the game.

    The pop culture graphics and eye-catching superheroines are out of this world and from a visual perspective this game ticks all of the boxes for any comic lovers and explicit animated enthusiasts.

    I've been an avid gamer for the past 20 years and been heavily involved in playing and even creating adult games for the past 10 years. I now focus on reviewing, testing and doing play throughs of all the adult games I can get my hands on.

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