26 Cuckold Games You Can (and Need To) Play Now

seeds of chaos gameplay

Cuckolding has been around for centuries, it’s a natural kink, preference, and fetish for many couples around the world. A man or a woman enjoying seeing their spouse with another person, with humiliation and degradation sometimes a recurring theme too. Sadly, however, cuckolding is still pretty new to the adult gaming world, what with hentai being at the forefront for so long, which means we have to search high and low for good cuckold-themed games.

With netorare or NTR (a Japanese definition of the word cuckold), growing more and more each day, this search is becoming a lot easier nowadays, and once you read our list, finding your newest cuckold gaming obsession is going to be a walk-in the park.

Whatever your reason for loving cuckolding games, this list has it all. From cheating spouses to full-on cuckold teasing and denial, ranked in order from worst to best, this list isn’t for the faint-hearted so be prepared to be aroused, entertained, and most importantly satisfied with these exciting and teasing NTR adult games.

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26. How I Met Your Whore Mother

How I Met Your Whore Mother screenshot

Where you can play it: Erosgames

Developer: ApexUnknown

A porn parody version of the hit TV show ‘How I Met Your Mother’, you play as the horny Ted, on his own quest to find the right girl to settle down with and you must fuck a lot of women to find her, a task not everybody is prepared for. This adult game is completely free, it’s fun, it has some enchanting netorare features and it is exceptionally immersive.

25. Hotwife’s Challenges

toilet sex scene with woman riding man who is sat of toilet in hotwife's challenge

Where you can play it: Erosgames

Developer: CumLeakGames

This free game is a really wild ride, fate is in your hands as you settle down with your boyfriend, no longer sleeping with strangers and being a slut, that is until you receive a message that brings up your past and makes you give into the temptation you know so well. In this game, you can choose to remain faithful or embark on a hotwife journey that will take you to places you have never been before.

24. Custom Order Maid 3D2: Sweet Little Devil

woman being handcuffed in sex dungeon in custom order maid

Where you can play it: Nutaku

Developer: KISS

Although you do need the base game to play this DLC, it’s well worth it. Rebuild the famous and once-luxurious empire club with the help of your horny hentai maids. It’s a dating simulator with hardcore sex scenes and a ton of DLC to enjoy, this particular DLC is a new maid who is here to show you her innocent and her netorare side where she loves to tease and flirt with men. Create your harem, manage your resources, and enjoy this customizable and intense game.

23. Custom Order Maid 3D2.5+X1 Dark

woman inbetween two men on a beach giving them both a handjob from the game custom order maid 2.5

Where you can play it: Nutaku

Developer: KISS

Another DLC that I had to mention, once again you do need the base game to play this but it is such a great game that the DLC just makes it even more immersive and exciting. This DLC is centered around cuckoldry, NTR themes, and general misbehaving girlfriends. Your favorite maid is interested in sleeping with other men and all you can do is watch and encourage her to come back to you, but will she?

22. The Adventurous Couple’s Original Story

Anne looking at camera during a scene from the adventurous couple's original story

Where you can play it: Patreon

Developer: Mircom

We love to see indie developers creating games where there are gaps in the market and for us, this game ticks so many boxes. You can play three separate storylines all with varying choices, outcomes, fates, and more. Explore swinging, cuckolding, NTR, cheating, and more spicy scenes with each character and get lost in a whole new world of desire and pleasure.

21. Leanna’s Slice of Life

cum over the face of leanna with dialogue reading: I don't want to spill any this time, so shoot it in my pussy next. this is during a dialogue scene from Leanna's slice of life

Where you can play it: Steam, GOG

Developer: Acerola

This is a seemingly normal adult RPG game except it has a very interesting cuckold and NTR twist. You must help to pay off your husband’s debts, you work, you get seduced and you do everything you can to bring that big chunk of change down. With multiple endings and an exciting job system as well as map exploration, you can get totally lost in this RPG NTR game.

20. Lady Lawren

lady lawren main menu screen

Where you can play it: Nutaku

Developer: BTCPN

In this RPG we’re put in the position of Lawren, who decides to go back to her crush’s town before joining the royal academy. Her shyness stops her from openly confessing to him, but through her lustful journey, she gets options to fool around with some other people aside from her crush. The game’s full of classic RPG elements such as items, turn-based battles, text-based storytelling, and much more. Throughout the game, you’ll be exploring a wide array of areas, which oftentimes lead to raunchy cuckolding encounters. On top of the juicy images that appear throughout the chatting phases, there are also plenty of animated sex scenes that consist of blowjobs, threesomes, riding, and much more.

19. Apartment Story

A scene from apartment story where the wife is having sex with another man in living room while her husband is asleep next to them in a sleeping bag.

Where you can play it: Nutaku

Developer: pH Studio

Apartment Story’s a unique simulation with pixel art as it puts the player in the position of a voyeur that’s spying on an apartment that’s full of lustful activities. Pixelated games usually don’t translate well to sexual scenes, but this game has made its sexual encounters extremely well. As you play you’ll encounter the people you’re peeping on and the story will progress to much naughtier activities. You’ll go from watching the beautiful chicks masturbate to banging one of them sneakily while the other’s unaware of what’s happening behind her back. If you’re a fan of raunchy pixel-style simulators, this game’s a great choice and it’s even available in three languages.

18. Black Paradise

wife sucking on a big cock during a mission on black paradise

Where you can play it: Nutaku

Developer: Graverobber AXDX

If there’s one thing that cuckold enjoyers love it’s the classic trope of a hung black man seducing their girlfriend. Black Paradise begins as you and your girlfriend Alice go on a lovely school trip, which soon turns spicy once she meets Bassel. He’s a known pervert who’s got a massive BBC, and you’ll get a chance to see whether Alice will be able to remain faithful. This immersive RPG has intuitive gameplay and an extremely gripping story that’s full of raunchy sexual encounters with busty hotties in school uniforms doing anal and other spicy activities.

17. FemDomination Chronicles Chapter 1

Where you can play it: Nutaku

Developer: Citor3

This VR simulation game is known for having some of the best graphics and a juicy story that focuses on lustful dominatrixes. The game starts off by stranding you in an unknown location where you’re swiftly abducted by a group of ravenous femdoms. From then on you’ll be taken to their dungeons where you’ll experience pain and lots of pleasure. Immersion in FemDomination Chronicles is phenomenal since it’s in VR and the lustful characters look breathtaking. This simulation revolves solely around sex and your only task is to enjoy the women’s amazing dirty talking as they put you in all sorts of positions to fool around.

16. DirtyWife Mikiko

gameplay of a wife masturbating with a magic wand from dirtywife mikiko

Where you can play it: DLsite

Developer: semiageya

Mikiko may have been a good wife so far, but once perverted men got their hands on her, she couldn’t resist the temptations. This Japanese RPG contains over 60 animated sex scenes and a plethora of sexual images that revolve around cuckoldry and intense sex. The only issue is that it’s purely in Japanese, but luckily the gameplay’s quite intuitive and most of the story can be understood by watching the raunchy events that you’ll come across. The game explores loads of kinks aside from cuckoldry, so if you’re a fan of exhibitionism, ahegao faces, and hotties in uniforms, you’ll have a blast playing DirtyWife Mikiko.

15. Forbidden Love with My Wife’s Sister

Sasa Chan during a cutscene from my forbidden love with my wife’s sister

Where you can play it: Nutaku

Developer: Appetite

Hentai and raunchy stepsisters go hand in hand, and this game does a phenomenal job of showcasing the beauty of this trope. The game begins as Sasa, your wife’s sister lifts up her skirt and tries to seduce you. Just when you’re about to pound her relentlessly, Mayuka enters. Luckily the two of you managed to hide your affair, but instead of ending it right then and there you decide to indulge in the fantasy of banging your wife’s little sis. This visual novel’s extremely simple, but the images and gripping story are enough to land it on the list of the best cuckolding games available.

14. Because I Love Her

zoe in her bra taking from a mission during because i love her

Where you can play it: Patreon (to support the creator), Itch (to purchase the game).

Developer: TheTypist

The Typist is the creator of the amazing “Because I Love Her” visual novel that focuses on lustful cuckolding scenarios. In this game, you’ll be put in the position of Claire and John who are high school sweethearts that were married for some time. After meeting other people throughout the city, things take a spicy turn. Everything from the lighting and animations in this visual novel is the closest thing to perfection. The beautiful women you’ll encounter each have a unique style and look, but they’re all kinky and love exploring their sexual desires with a married man. So far there have been 3 chapters released, but the developer’s constantly adding updates and new characters to mess around with.

13. Handyman Legend

handyman getting a blowjob from a wife in a living room during a mission in handyman legend

Where you can play it: Steam

Developer: SupaShinKen Studio

As the handyman, you get to meet a wide array of women that are in need of help. This RPG simulation begins as you lose your job in a big company, but luckily you get to find additional work through an app on your smartphone. Despite having 2D graphics, they look amazing, especially when it comes to sexual scenes. While exploring the world you’ll come across a plethora of hot babes that you get to seduce with your charm. Some are cute college girls and business ladies, but there are also wives whose husbands are always on business trips and they’re in need of some work around the house. The game’s available on Steam and it’s a must-have for those that enjoy this art style and kinky women.

12. Countdown to NTR

bit style gameplay from countdown to ntr

Where you can play it: DLsite

Developer: OneCoin

In this raunchy RPG you’ll be playing as Bel, a man whose deeply in love with his childhood friend Rumia. Her phenomenal voice has led her to pursue a career in the city, so you decide to help her out on her journey. Unfortunately, other men quickly realize just how beautiful Rumia is and they want her as much as you do. Throughout the visual novel-style content you’ll find out whether Bel has the guts to confess to Rumia before the filthy pervy men use her like a personal sex doll. The majority of the hentai scenes are clothed, but there are those that consist of full nudity and hardcore sex. Although the game’s in Japanese, the story’s simple enough to be understood without having to read the text.

11. NTR Girl

ntr girl gameplay that involves you having to have sex with a wife without her husband finding out, the husband is in the hallway while you are in the bathroom with her.

Where you can play it: DLsite

Developer: The Church of NTR

NTR Girl gives the player the option to play as the cuckold or the beautiful and lustful Wakana. The story follows a similar trope of a childhood friend that’s too shy to confess his feelings and has to endure watching her fool around with men who are much braver than him. There are tons of areas to explore in this RPG, which adds to the immersion of being in a town during summer break. As is the case with the last game on the list, the text is all in Japanese but once again, the erotic faces that the characters are making combined with the lustful sex scenes make it clear what’s going on.

10. Blind Date 3D Big Bang

Walking in on your wife naked with another man on the sofa during a dialogue scene blind date 3d big bang.

Where you can play it: Nutaku

Developer: Real Love 3d

Blind Date 3D Big Bang puts the player in the position of Noah, a single man that desperately wants to bang his business partner’s wife Olivia. The characters look extremely realistic and the story is well-written which makes it incredibly easy to be immersed. Since there are multiple endings, decisions matter and you’ll get a chance to choose between Olivia, which is risky, or Maya, a model that she recruited. The sexual scenes are phenomenal and they revolve around cuckolding and traditional sex positions, but also gangbangs and threesomes.

9. NTRaholic

Where you can play it: Steam, DLsite, Patreon (to support the developer)

Developer: TiramisuLovesNtr

There’s nothing hotter than a lustful story of a loving marriage being secretly destroyed because of the wife’s lustful needs. This RPG takes a somewhat different approach to its plot as it also involves a demon that can give eroge powers to others. The story follows Chiho and her husband of two years who get an opportunity to rent an apartment that her husband’s father owns. Things take a turn once he sees how beautiful his son’s wife is, and with the demon Lilith’s power he’s able to corrupt her mind and make her his own. There are over 55 raunchy pixelated art pieces and 150 hentai animations that were extremely well made.


milf from qos milf with her mouth wide open

Where you can play it: DLSite

Developer: ntrworld 

Most good cuckolding stories have to involve slutty women that are obsessed with black cocks, and this one is no different. The story begins when Nishimura brings his black friend from boarding school back home, but he never knew the milfs in his house were desperate for a BBC. The RPG has intuitive controls and the items you can obtain are focused on sex-enhancement toys and fetishes. The game’s available in three languages and throughout the plot, you’ll find out how the mother and daughter turn into personal sex dolls for the hung black guy despite being in relationships.

7. Lust of the Apartment Wives

A lustful wife from lust of the apartment wives having sex with a man on her sofa. She is riding him and he has just gave her a creampie.

Where you can play it: Nutaku

Developer: U+Me PLUS

When husbands aren’t able to satisfy their wives, it’s up to you to take the challenge and please the beautiful women. In this visual novel, you play as a polite delivery man who everyone adores around the complex because of your good demeanor and sweet smile. The three hotties you’ll meet are Kaori, Ryoko, and Mayumi, which both share one thing in common which is a lust that only you can quench. Discover what each wife needs to orgasm and listen to their beautiful voices as you plow them relentlessly throughout the raunchy cuckolding story.

6. QOS Wife 2

qos wife 2 game cover with a wife with another man's arm around her

Where you can play it: DLsite

Developer: Firing & Bombing Process

Although QOS Wife 2 has a short linear story, the RPG elements and the phenomenal hentai art make it a must-play. The main character’s married to a beautiful and busty blonde milf who has a sex drive unlike any other. Unfortunately, he’s unable to satisfy her as much as he wants to, and as the game progresses he notices a change in her. You’re able to go through online forums, call her and see the pictures she posts, which is when you’ll find out she’s seeing a hung black guy. Despite being appalled, the protagonist only wants to see his wife happy and you’ll get to see her take a BBC in a plethora of raunchy positions.

5. Seeds of Chaos

hot and fiery sex scene from seeds of chaos

Where you can play it: Steam, GOG

Developer: Venus Noire

Seeds of Chaos is a phenomenal RPG with phenomenal gameplay that players can spend hours fooling around with. The game’s style is amazing and the story contains a wide array of kinks like cuckolding, dominatrixes, gangbangs, and much more. While going through the fleshed-out world your choices matter, and each comes with unique rewards which makes the game extremely immersive. Collect and use items as you battle your way through the game full of demons, knights, and gorgeous women before watching the perfectly animated sex scenes.

4. NTR Dream

Where you can play it: Nutaku

Developer: Byaka Games

Despite there being tons of visual novels that involve affairs, this one takes the cake for having some of the best graphics and a juicy plot. The plot follows the classic trope of a slutty wife that’s good to her hubby but can’t help herself from having an affair on the side. You’re able to name each character and have interactive dialogue which leads to passionate sex scenes. The game’s available on Android as well as PC and has great sounds and environmental details that make it easy to get immersed into. The only reason why it’s not higher on the list is that the story is somewhat short.

3. Scars of Summer

Ryoka in a dialogue scene saying: I'm here for exactly two reasons from a part of the video game scars of summer.

Where you can play it: Steam, GOG

Developer: Shinachiku-castella

On the third spot, we’ve got Scars of Summer, which follows Keita, a man living in the countryside who gets invited to live with his childhood friend Ryoka Enomoto. The slice-of-life RPG has incredible details in the world that you get to explore and the gameplay is quite fun and doesn’t focus only on sex. There are multiple endings, one which is happy and others that include lots of cheating, cuckoldry, and hardcore sex. Your decisions matter, so take the time to perfect the combat system and flirt with Ryoka before someone else does.

2. A Housewife’s Healing Touch

Where you can play it: Nutaku

Developer: Alicesoft

A Housewife’s Healing Touch follows Will Rui, the gorgeous wife that’s devoted to her husband, but the villagers keep on pushing her buttons. The visual novel has phenomenal graphics and you get to choose the decisions that the lustful woman takes. Depending on what route you take, you can get an ending that’s sweet and wholesome, but if you’re into cuckoldry you can make her the village plaything with ease. The world’s immense and while exploring it you’ll come across a wide array of characters that you can interact with.

1. Please Bang My Wife

man caressing a naked woman from behind from the game please bang my wife

Where you can play it: Nutaku

Developer: Atelier Sakura

With a title like that, it’s almost impossible not to be in the number 1 spot. Please Bang My Wife is yet another visual novel but what makes it the best for cuckold enjoyers is the amazing story and breathtaking hentai art. The plot revolves around Yasushi, a nukige writer, and his lovely wife Mariko. The two spend time apart due to Yasushi’s job, but after finding out his wife’s cheating he is put in a dilemma. Although he’s jealous, he can’t help but get aroused by the idea of watching his wife get plowed. The gameplay is quite simple as it is with any visual novel, so head on forward, click through the dialogue, and discover what raunchy escapades the slutty Mariko gets herself into.

Cuckold games come in all sorts of variations, as we have seen from our detailed list. Some discreetly hide their NTR behind interesting characters and unique plot twists whilst other games are fully open and honest about their use of cuckolding and teasing throughout the game. Let us know your favorite cuckolding game in the comments below and we will be sure to check it out!

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