I Just Finished Playing Cum and Gun, This Is My Honest Review


Cum & Gun is an action-filled third-person shooter where your mission is to train different girls with unique personalities to become the best water shooter competitors there ever were.

Enjoy intimate sessions with your girls and enjoy the active and adventurous gameplay as well as steamy hentai scenes and a team filled with the most gorgeous girls the land bestows upon you.

With a great story, challenging and exciting TPS game mechanics as well as racy sex scenes, cum and gun is an exciting way to pass the time and get involved in something a little different.

It also features incredible graphics to enjoy, the entire game is 3D so you can watch your babes from any angle, just to make sure they're performing correctly...nothing lewd here of course.

With seamless gameplay, cum and gun not only allows you to get your competitive side out, but also gives you the opportunity to explore a different kind of adventure game with hot girls, sex, and lots of exciting water pistol shooting.


  • Free to play
  • Fluid combat
  • Lots of skins
  • Amazing hentai
  • 3D Graphics
  • Lewd sex scenes
  • Unique storylines for each character
  • Online coop
  • Story rich


  • Repetitive music
  • The in-game purchases can be a bit overwhelming
How Many Hours Of This Game I've Played:

Quick Facts:

Where to play: Nutaku which is our favorite as it stores all your adult games in one place and keeps all your saves and progress safe (plus the discounts) or Erolabs.com.

Developer: Super H Game who also brought us Boobs In The City and Creampire!

Genre:  FPS action adventure.

Language: English.

Discounts for cum & gun: The first you can get is by playing and singing up through Nutaku, you get 200 coins and you can spend them on in-game buys and on new adult games. Next you can buy a coin package through Nutaku that gives you up to 25% off on coins and gives you prizes every month. Finally, you can make the most of claiming all the signup bonuses and buying the beginner package which is one of the biggest discounts inside cum and gun.


    The only way to make cute anime girls in bikinis look better is to see them completely nude and covered in water after a Cum & Gun battle.

    Aside from being extremely enjoyable to play, this free-to-play game has some of the hottest hentai chicks and scenes in the world of adult gaming.

    In this review, we’ll take a look at what you can expect from this naughty TPS game.

    Why you can trust FlashforAdults: ✅ I’m an adult gaming expert who has spent over 20 years gaming and 10 of those years reviewing games of all shapes, sizes, and genres. Find out about my reviewing policy and you can also go here to find my proof of purchase of this game.

    What Even Is Cum & Gun?

    akena being fingered in cut scene during cum and gun

    Cum & Gun is a F2P third-person shooter Gacha that’s focused on the fun water gun sports in which the hottest girls compete to win. Since you’re the best coach in Star City you’ll meet up with a wide array of gorgeous babes that are aching to be on your team.

    It’s your duty to guide them to the right path and teach them everything they need to know in order to win. As the tutor, you’ll be having a lot of one on one coaching sessions to bond with the cuties and explore their lovely bodies as a reward for making them victorious.

    Since the game’s available for desktop and Android, the gameplay is somewhat different for each player.

    If you’re on the browser you’ll be using the traditional keyboard controls that every TPS uses and Android users will be using one thumb to control the movement and the other to aim abilities.

    Because the game’s sexual in nature, expect to be bombarded with naughty hentai in every corner, from the loading screen and the match to the sex scenes you receive as rewards.

    What makes Cum & Gun one of the best in the TPS genre is the amount of content you can explore.

    There are over 30 gorgeous girls and they have over a thousand unlockable outfits, lots of upgrades, stories, and sex scenes.

    The game’s played online in teams of 3 against the other 3 players in either Defense Raid, Squirt Gun, or BoobsUndressed Playground. Gang Bang battle mode is competitive and is played in 4v4. The longer you play the more you can upgrade your chicks, but there is also an in-game store that helps speed the process up.

    Despite the fact that Cum & Gun is completely free, as with any game, there are tons of microtransactions.

    Gems can be earned through playing and collecting daily login rewards but gold coins and rainbow gems have to be purchased through the store. The bigger the batch you want the purchase the higher the price, so expect to spend anywhere from $4.99 to $49.99.

    These can be used to upgrade characters, acquire new raunchy outfits for your girls, and even animated hentai scenes.

    Cheating is a big controversy in every online game that’s played online against other players, so it’s no wonder that everyone’s looking for Cum & Gun cheats as well.

    Although they can be found online, most of them are packed with malware and if you’re found cheating there’s a high chance your account will be banned.

    What Happened When I Started Playing Cum & Gun (My Experience & Opinion)

    showcasing fps gameplay features from cum and gun

    As an enjoyer of third-person shooters and hentai, I couldn’t resist getting Cum & Gun to see what it had to offer.

    The moment the game started to load up I was delightfully surprised to see how well the hentai babes were drawn in the loading screen. That was just the first surprise of many because the game quickly put me in tutorial mode which was quite intuitive to finish.

    The tutorial was where I experienced the combat gameplay and I was amazed at how fluid and smooth everything was, aside from the great erotic graphics.

    Addictive gameplay and hentai scenes

    As I slowly started to understand the game and began playing it more seriously I was delighted to see that the team behind the game put so much focus on the sexual elements.

    I’ve had the pleasure to dwell into many titles, and what I found was that most developers focus on either the hentai or gameplay, so when I saw that Cum & Gun did both phenomenally I was shocked.

    Everything from the lewd moans when you get your opponents wet and nude to the racy animated scenarios was perfectly done and got me immersed with ease.

    Although I loved the hentai parts, I had the most fun in the hundreds of 3v3 and 4v4 battles that I’ve played.

    The combat system is extremely easy to understand and once I got the hang of it I had a blast mowing down through my opponents. As long as my internet connection was great, everything was smooth from the running animations to the abilities that were used.

    Even while browsing the store, upgrading characters, and reading through the stories I noticed that there were no issues with lag or wonky animations.

    Let Me Show You The Best Way To Play Cum & Gun For Victory

    victory screen from my gameplay where I was MVP during a cum & gun battle

    Everyone has their own playstyle when it comes to third-person shooters, but Cum & Gun has a lot more things to focus on aside from combat. What I found most useful were the upgrades that I could use on my characters which improved their HP, damage, and much more.

    I recommend playing around with all of the hotties first to find which one is your favorite and fits with your style before upgrading them. It’s also important to take into account which role you’re best suited for, as you can be a tank, support, or damage dealer.

    For complete beginners, I’d suggest being patient, as it might seem daunting at first when you come across completely new maps and opponents.

    Most will have an advantage over you as they’ve played for quite some time, but luckily beginners are most often matched against other newbies to keep things fair.

    After some time you will encounter extremely good players, so don’t get too frustrated when their characters are upgraded to the max unlike yours.

    Remember, the more you play the stronger your girls become and the more knowledge you have on how to be victorious.

    Everything Else You Need To Know About Cum and Gun

    System Requirments: The latest version of your web browser is required or if playing on Android, your system must be no older than Android 6, other than that it plays on everything I've tested it on. 

    Platforms: PC browser, tablets and Android, you could maybe get it on IOS with the right addon. 

    Privacy: Both Nutaku and Erogames are safe and secure places to play adult games, with private libraries and only an email on sign-up. Plus Nutaku also has non-adult games so signing up isn't going to draw attention. 

    Cost: Completely free with in-game purchases available. 

    Are there cheats: No, there are no safe cheats to use with this game. 

    Are there DLCs: Unfortunately there isn't any DLC available, however, developers be sure to update and release new content to this game frequently so things are always kept exciting. 

    Time To Complete the Game: You can literally spend hundreds of hours on this game, I am almost there and I thought I played this game casually. I would say on average most players clock in around 60-150 hours playing cum and gun. 

    How Does It Match Up:

    Sexual Meter

    My Gameplay Footage & Screenshots From Cum & Gun

    My Verdict

    9.8 out of 10

    Cum & Gun is not perfect by all means, but it’s definitely one of the best adult Gach TPS games I’ve had the pleasure of playing.

    Whether you’re in it for the hentai art, juicy stories, or gripping gameplay, you’ll have lots of fun and you’ll spend hours on end playing. I’ve personally spent at least 50 hours in the game, and I’m not thinking about stopping anytime soon.

    If you’re looking for a TPS hentai game I’d recommend giving Cum & Gun the chance it deserves. Head inside and don’t forget to log in every day to collect your free daily rewards.

    I've been an avid gamer for the past 20 years and been heavily involved in playing and even creating adult games for the past 10 years. I now focus on reviewing, testing and doing play throughs of all the adult games I can get my hands on.

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