Fap CEO Review (Gameplay, Discount & My Strategy)


Become the kingpin of the cam sex industry, be your own boss, and hire the right girls to send your business into a booming success. You are the newest CEO and you're here to make yourself and your girls very rich.

Hire the right women to turn your business into an empire and reap the rewards that come your way. The more you chat with your girls, the more they become seduced, sending you filthy messages and downright dirty pictures too.

Owning a video chat empire isn't easy, you will need to buy, sell, hire, upgrade your studios, hire women, and keep on top of it all, which is difficult to do when your girls can't get enough of you either!

The girls you hire are unique with different personalities and stories to enjoy, some are shy and some are downright dirty from the get-go so have fun fucking and flirting with them as you journey through this dating and business simulator becoming the greatest camgirl tycoon in the world.



  • Amazing hentai graphics that are unlocked quite frequently
  • Great mechanics that make you feel like you're accomplishing a lot and they work fluidly without any glitching or issues, it feels like a premium game.
  • Cute story line
  • Plenty of women with interesting personalities
  • Free to play without a need to pay to complete and progress
  • Awesome Bonuses
  • It's a Business and Dating sim with some really fun ways to switch through both
  • Collect steamy pictures
  • Rewarding gameplay
  • Mini games like the stock market, CEO office, spin wheel and all the others are a lot of fun.
  • It's really addictive.


  • Rubies are hard to come by
  • Waiting a long time to get replies
  • The main mechanic is waiting, leveling up and clicking which isn't for everyone.
How Many Hours Of This Game I've Played:

Quick Facts:

Where to play: Nutaku is the exclusive place to play this awesome casual sim.

Developer: BoomBox games.

Genre: Business builder, tycoon, clicker based, business CEO, hentai, webcam,

Language: English and German.

Discounts & Promo Codes For Fap CEO: The biggest way you can get a discount is by claiming the daily rewards and using all your gems to buy day speed-ups, these will make you more gems and allow you to grow quicker. You can also get a level two package that's really good value once you sell your first business or you can get the starter pack that saves you 1200 coins, but I personally think the monthly silver package is the best as it gives you enough gems to buy a butt load of time skips which will get you through to the next stages without any waiting around. On top of that you can play it through Nutaku and get 200 coins free on sign up which you can use on in-game purchases to buy new games you can also buy a Nutaku subscription that gives you up to 25% off coin and gives you free adult prizes each month.


    This hentai idle game is filled with sultry pics and insanely hot GIFs, all done in that anime style we’ve all come to love.

    Fap CEO will position you as the head of a camgirl company, and your job is to hire horny women and train them to do their job.

    Sounds like every perv’s dream, right? My fancies were definitely tickled, as the game wastes no time to start throwing nudity in your face. And that’s exactly what we’re looking for when searching for that perfect porn game.

    Fap CEO is a game that doesn’t require a lot of brainpower, which is ideal since most of your blood will be in your cock.

    The story will keep you sexually aroused, the pictures and animations will get you to bust your nut multiple times, and the simplicity will keep you coming back for more.

    Why you can trust FlashforAdults: ✅ I’m an adult gaming expert who has spent over 20 years gaming and 10 of those years reviewing games of all shapes, sizes, and genres. Find out about my reviewing policy and you can also go here to find my proof of purchase of this game.

    What Is Fap CEO and what is the game like to play?

    beginning fap ceo

    Fap CEO is a free-to-play game, with a small caveat. There’s no need to spend actual money on this game unless you want to buy Rubies, the premium currency in this game, but more on that later. You just have to create a free account, and you’re all settled.

    As soon as the game loads up, a busty blonde secretary will greet you to show you the ropes. Your job is to hire slutty babes that will stream late-night shows from your office. Obviously, the better the girls are, the more money you’ll make.

    This is an idle-clicking game, akin to the famous Cookie Clicker, so you’ll have to click on the girls to make money, or you can level them up by spending the money you earned.

    There is an interesting addition to the clicking mechanic though - once in a while, a red eye will appear over a girl that is very aroused.

    That’s when you can click on them, and they’ll blush and squirm, usually fully clothed. They start off wearing clothes, but the better you train them, the quicker they’ll be naked.

    One thing I really enjoyed about this game is the emailing option. When you hire a new girl, a conversation will show up. She’ll usually thank you for hiring her, and say something absolutely perverted in tune with her personality.

    There are shy girls that need a lot of encouragement, sultry MILFs that know what they’re doing, dominant teachers, cat girls that don’t need a lot of clothes, and many more.

    Your first conversation with every girl will include a racy pic that you can look at any time you want.

    Some of them are okay with immediately sending nudes, while you’ll have to convince the prudes to send you something that actually shows skin.

    Emailing them basically works like a dating simulator, and you’ll have two replies to choose from. You can send them gifts, and they’ll reward you with a nude.

    However, there is a reply limit - you have two replies per hour, and that’s it! You can spend rubies to buy more, use one of the boosts, or just wait it out.

    Every photo the girls send you is neatly cataloged in a photo album you can use any time you want.

    You can sort the photo album by name or body part.

    Obviously, the more photos you have the better, and the faster you can reach the real reward you’re looking for.

    Next to collecting photos, you can complete daily objectives, and tasks, and unlock achievements.

    The rewards are usually keys or rubies. You can spend the keys on chests, which give you gifts for the girls, or boosters you can use to speed up time or production. If you’re punctual and complete the daily tasks every day, you’ll have more nudes than you know what to do with.

    Once your girls have enough experience, and you’ve made enough money, you can go ahead and sell the company.

    The new company you purchase will unlock even more features - an extra chair for an additional girl, new decorations, your own office where you can go to the stock market, a spin-the-wheel minigame, and events. One particular event is called the Twins, where you can collect special rewards and click on the girls to get them to cum.

    As the meter goes higher, you’ll suddenly start ramming them from behind, and the higher the meter the sexier the scene.

    You’ll definitely have to manage the girls to reap the most benefits. Bring your best to this game and you’ll reap the heftiest rewards.

    In-Game Promotions: A bonus of 10 rubies when you start the game.

    Key Features: Idle click, dating simulation, hentai

    My Review, Opinion And Experience Playing Fap CEO

    Honestly, I really enjoyed playing this game. I opened it up to start writing the review and caught myself two hours later, fully immersed in the gameplay.

    Even though it is an idle clicker, something many of us find frustrating, Fap CEO has enough new mechanics and tricks to keep things really interesting.

    Sure, it is annoying to have to wait for an hour to send a single reply, but receiving the kinky pics any time you want wouldn’t feel nearly as good as it feels this way.

    I love the cute hentai graphics, it’s really smooth, and the girls are cute and sizzling hot.

    The game is very simple, but it’s really fun to play - I’d recommend this one to any porn enthusiast out there.

    Game Secrets/Strategies: Make sure you chat with the girls, and send them gifts. Save up your rubies for those replies when you’re feeling really horny! And pay attention to the special events - the rewards there are far greater than a simple sultry pic.

    Everything Else You Need To Know About Fap CEO Before You Play It

    sex image from amber that you get inside text messages

    System Requirments: Windows 7 or later, available on any browser. 

    Platforms: PC and mobile browsers as well as Android phones and tablets. That's what I've tested it on, but I'm pretty sure it will work on anything that can access it through a browser.

    Privacy: Nutaku is a safe and private site to play adult games on, you receive one email when signing up. They also have a ton of non-adult games too so you don't have to worry about it appearing in your search history. 

    Cost: Free to play with optional in-game microtransactions, but after loads of playing this game there is no real need to pay anything unless you are wanting more hentai or quicker progression.

    Cheats: The only cheat is buying the premium currency and using it to buy the speed ups that will power you through the game and make it a little funner and a lot quicker to access the hot porn.

    Are there DLCs: None yet. 

    Time To Complete the game: I love this game and have spent almost 50 hours playing it, most users can log anywhere between 30-100 hours. 

    How Does It Match Up:

    Sexual Meter

    FAP CEO Video Gamelay

    If you want to see all the features live so you can get a feel for how FAP CEO is without playing it, I created this video that will show you the whole game.

    FAP CEO Gameplay Images

    My Verdict

    9.3 out of 10

    An awesome idle game with a lot of kinky rewards! Build up your empire and enjoy becoming the latest successful camgirl pioneer. 

    Enjoy a mixture of delightful business simulation and dating simulation combined, flirt, seduce, and fuck your girls, discover their unique personalities, and store their kinky photos away for later.

    Grow and expand your business empire by buying, selling, upgrading, hiring, and investing. With idle clicker mechanics and a juicy story, Fap CEO is not one to be missed.

    I've been an avid gamer for the past 20 years and been heavily involved in playing and even creating adult games for the past 10 years. I now focus on reviewing, testing and doing play throughs of all the adult games I can get my hands on.

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