Fap Goddess Review (One Of The Sexiest Games I've Ever Played)


At its heart, Fap Goddess is a squad-based side-scrolling RPG with match-3 skill control mechanics that are simple yet challenging enough to keep you thoroughly entertained. All you need to do is win battles, earn your girl's affection, assemble an unbeatable team of 3, and collect light energy to unlock your girl's hidden potential, which is always kinky and always extremely arousing.

Level up your team with skills and upgrades and win big, much to your harem of hotties' delight. You can date and seduce your goddesses too, as well as enjoy their steamy hentai sex scenes and erotic kinks.

Unlock lewd scenes and animations of your girls as you progress and enjoy feeling like the ultimate savior as you wander through levels, collect your rewards and save your goddesses from all evil.


  • Amazing uncensored hentai
  • Interactive sex scenes
  • Gripping story
  • Multiple game modes
  • 150+ erotic Goddess scenes
  • Seduce and chat with your goddesses
  • Easy yet challenging gameplay
  • Chat system with kink exploration
  • RPG with a hentai twist
  • Gift goddesses for more affection
  • Harem-style collection


  • Simplistic puzzles
  • Heavy grinding
  • Time-consuming without paying for energy
  • A small number of users report game crashes
How Many Hours Of This Game I've Played:

Quick Facts:

Where to play: Natuku is my favorite option to play this game (private library) however, you can also play it on Steam just be warned it will show in your public library.

Developer: Funfia INC, I don't think they have any adult games, other than this one, I'd love to see more from this development team.

Genre: An RPG harem game with arena battles, dating, texting, and loads of other game mechanics.

Language: English

Discount: You can get 200 free coins by joining Nutaku which you can use to buy games or use in Fap Goddess in game currency. You can also get discounts by signing up to Fap Goddess monthly, costs a little, but gives you so much in the game.


    In a fantasy world full of lustful women and fiendish enemies, you’re the one man that’s sent to defend them.

    Fap Goddess transports the players into an immersive fantasy land where they get to battle against the dark side and seduce lewd anime girls.

    In this review, we’ll be taking a closer look into how good of a free-to-play game this is.

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    So, What Is The Fap Goddess?

    Ivory and Nine tails bj scene

    Fap Goddess is an adult-oriented side-scrolling game that’s available on Android and desktop browsers. The game begins as the player has a near-fatal car accident, but as your eyes open up you’re greeted by a thick curvy woman that’s pleasuring you with her stunning body.

    After satisfying your manly needs she explains the story of the twin Sun and Moon sisters who are divided, and they’re counting on you to be the one to help and push away the Moon Devils that have been massacring the land.

    When it comes to nudity, that’s the literal first thing gamers are introduced to and things keep getting better as you play.

    Fap Goddess is packed to the brim with kinks such as Ahegao, bondage, exhibitionism, feet, anal, and much more and all of it is in phenomenal quality.

    The hentai style perfectly suits the fantasy world that the developer has made, which makes it incredibly easy for anyone to be immersed in the juicy story that gets naughtier as it unfolds.

    Gameplay varies depending on what the player’s doing, so when you’re battling with your squad of 3 Goddesses you’ll have to complete puzzles as they fight.

    They’re quite simple and consist of lining up the same colored gems in order to boost your squad’s damage. Aside from fighting, you’re also able to communicate with the hotties and take them out on dates as well.

    The more you flirt and buy sex toys for them the raunchier rewards you receive in the form of uncensored animated sex scenes.

    The game runs on an energy system, so to go into battle you’ll need to either wait for it to be refreshed over time or purchase them in the in-game store.

    Microtransactions aren’t used just for the gameplay, as there are also a lot of scenes you can explore in the memory bond section. Each girl has sexual animations she performs, and at first, they’re quite tame such as licking, the more gems you have the raunchier acts you can purchase.

    These aren’t necessary to beat the game, but they make it much more fun and quicker if you buy them.

    As far as cheats go, there are plenty of shady websites that promise everything unlocked and even invincibility to your characters. While these may work, they’re most likely packed with malware that will destroy your device and collect all of your data.

    Besides being unwise to download them, there’s no need because the game’s actually quite fun to play. There’s tons of content to unlock, explore and fool around with.

    My Full Experience Playing Fap Goddess (The Review)

    arena fight fap goddess

    Fap Goddess had me hooked straight from the get-go when I joined and saw the naughty sex scene firsthand.

    At first, I thought it was going to be a boring game that was just there to showcase the naughty hentai art, but I was pleasantly surprised.

    Getting into the gameplay was a bit of a challenge as I’ve never played the game, but thankfully there were tons of tips that the developer put to guide the new users.

    After playing through the easy beginning chapter I really got into the story and most importantly the sexual elements.

    The hottest Goddesses and animations

    blowjob from nine tails in fap goddess

    The first thing I focused on was the 24 available girls which can be unlocked, upgraded, dated, and seduced.

    Don’t get me wrong, the gameplay and combat system are fine, but it would be a shame to spend all the time in battle when the chicks look as good as they do in Fap Goddess.

    What shocked me the most was the sheer amount of hentai that was easy to obtain. Aside from being able to collect 120 stunning photos that stayed in my album, I could also collect skins and scenes that were rewarded from the story.

    My personal favorite part of the game was the animated interactive sex acts in the Memory Bond section.

    The animations are simply amazing and the movement of the characters is fluid and easy to be immersed in.

    Going on dates and chatting was fun and it felt more like a visual novel than part of the game.

    There were only two options when given the option to respond to dialogue, so it was practically impossible to mess up and not receive the erotic reward for chatting up your lady.

    How I Played Fap Goddess To Make The Game Progress Quickly

    gameplay from a battle in Fap goddess

    Even though the game’s quite straightforward and easy to get into, there are still a lot of tips that new users can benefit from.

    The first one is the campaign, which should be played whenever you have energy. The faster you spend all of it, the further you get into the story and the juicer rewards you receive.

    I wouldn’t personally suggest looking into anything other than the campaign at first, so it's best to explore the rest of the game when your energy is so low that you can’t join the battle.

    After some time you’ll probably notice that the puzzles get a bit more harder and that the enemies become stronger. The easiest way to make your Goddesses deal more damage and have more health is by upgrading and equipping them with the loot you receive.

    I’d suggest playing gear challenges as they drop loot which you can use as soon as the battle finishes. Keep in mind that these aren’t easy to complete, so make sure you have your squad fully upgraded and ready to battle before entering the battlefield.

    All The Info You Need To Know About Fap Goddess

    slideshow of all the women from fap goddess

    System Requirments: Minimum
    Windows 7 SP1+, macOS 10.12+ - 2.0 GHz or higher.

    Platforms: available on PC and mobile browsers. 

    Privacy: If you play via Natuku (much recommended, you can claim 200 free coins by joining here), you can be sure of a private library and one email when you sign-up. If you play via Steam your account library is visible to your friends at all times. 

    Cost: Free to play with optional in-game microtransactions, but if you play the game right you can avoid a lot of the microtransactions.

    Are there cheats: You can find cheats and hacks online, however, this is not recommended. 

    Are there DLCs: At the time of writing this there are no DLCs available, however, you can be sure of updates and new goddesses released very often. You can also purchase packs and bundles that include new girls. 

    Time To Complete the game: It takes on average between 30-80 hours. 

    How Does It Match Up:

    Sexual Meter

    My Gameplay Footage From Fap Goddess

    My Verdict

    8.8 out of 10

    I would recommend anyone who enjoys amazing hentai and puzzles to give Fap Goddess a try.

    Even though the game does require some grinding and is on an energy system, it’s perfect for casual gamers who are interested more in the erotic elements than the gameplay.

    The issues that the game has are minuscule compared to the rest in the same genre, so I’m sure that if you’re a fan of side-scrolling puzzle games you’ll thoroughly enjoy this one.

    I've been an avid gamer for the past 20 years and been heavily involved in playing and even creating adult games for the past 10 years. I now focus on reviewing, testing and doing play throughs of all the adult games I can get my hands on.

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