Heavy Metal Babes Review


A classic turn-based strategy adult RPG with a delightful Hentai spin.

Your main purpose is to defeat powerful enemies, explore the maps, establish reconnection to the lost planet, and enjoy a harem of AI hotties who now do all of the combat and heavy work for you.

Gameplay is engaging, challenging, and rewarding. Explore maps, upgrade your girls, enjoy explicit H-scenes, and defeat the ultimate dark goddess.

Chat with your hot team, exchange naughty pictures and racy texts, and get on a more intimate level with them before engaging in risky battles and challenging gameplay.

With an amazing storyline, death-defying battle, combat that requires skill and determination, and babes who want your attention and want to fuck you. This RPG is a lot of fun and a crazy way to spend some time with yourself.


  • Amazing hentai
  • Various gameplay
  • Mesmerizing story
  • Free to play
  • Over 140 H-scenes to unlock, including group scenes
  • Challenge other players
  • Increased difficulty levels
  • 2D sex animations
  • Shoot em up gameplay
  • RPG


  • Slow energy refill
  • Pricey microtransactions
  • A lot of grinding
How Many Hours Of This Game I've Played:

Quick Facts:

Where to play: You can play on Nutaku (my favorite spot) as it has pretty much all the worth while adult games in one place or you can also play it on Steam which is the favorite for a lot of people, just remember the games you play are public for your whole friend list on Steam.

Developer: Digital Arts.

Genre: Turn-based RPG.

Language: English.

Discounts for Heavy Metal Babes: There are a few, one is just making an account on Nutaku, they usually give 200 free coins, which can be used to purchase in-game currency or to purchase new adult games, they also offer a subscription feature where you can get up to 25% even more the first time you do it off of coins, you also get access to prizes every month (some of them are unreal). You can also get a discount when you first join as there's a beginner's discount that's worth taking up if you plan to play the game as much as I do.


    When thinking about the future most people imagine apocalypses, but in Heavy Metal Babes things are a lot more naughtier.

    With the help of genetic improvements, the most beautiful women on Earth can be cloned and used for combat, explorations, and other fun activities. If the plot sounds juicy continue reading the review and find out more.

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    What Is Heavy Metal Babes?

    alien sex from the game heavy metal babes

    Heavy Metal Babes is a turn-based RPG game that’s set in a futuristic world where gorgeous cloned women fight with the help of mechs.

    Recovering communication with planet X-69 is the main mission, but doing so is no easy task. With each step, you’ll come across powerful enemies which you must defeat at all cast.

    To do so you’ll have the cutest and naughtiest babes to help you out. Of course, after a rough battle everyone needs to wind down so there are loads of sex scenes to ease the tension from fighting.

    Aside from the gripping story, the world is filled with nudity that can be noticed within minutes of playing.

    During the battle, you’ll be focused on being victorious, but the main menu, loading screen, and other areas of the game contain phenomenal hentai art. As of now, there are 21 girls with over 140 hentai scenes to watch, but also 40+ animated sexual encounters as well.

    Roleplaying games are focused on immersion and Heavy Metal Babes immerses players into the naughty world by letting them flirt and seduce the ladies themselves.

    Whether you’re playing on your Android device or desktop browser the gameplay stays the same. Before each fight begins you’re able to create your own team that consists of gorgeous mech girls with unique abilities and stats.

    The rest of the battle plays out the same way other turn-based RPGs, during your turn you select which abilities to use and on what enemy and your opponent does the same.

    The graphics are phenomenal and every ability has a unique visual effect aside from being specific to the character you’re using.

    Since the game runs on an energy system, players either have to wait until it’s refreshed or purchase energy in the store. The shop doesn’t only have currencies, but bundles full of hot women and flirt items which can be used to seduce them. Cheats exist but on top of being from sketchy third-party websites, they’re also unreliable.

    Thankfully the game’s not hard to beat if you have time and patience, plus you’ll be much more immersed in the story when playing yourself instead of purchasing items or downloading cracked versions of the game.

    What Happened When I Played Heavy Metal Babes (My Experience & Opinion)

    action gameplay footage heavy metal babes

    Within seconds of downloading the game, I was completely mesmerized by the story and art. After that first initial shock at how good the hentai is, I was thrown into my first tutorial battle, which looked completely different than what I expected.

    Since the gorgeous girls are drawn in an anime style, I was expecting the battles to be animated similarly. Instead, the mechs and the battlefield were fully 3D and had insane animations with each attack, and that only made me want to play more.

    A wide array of content

    Playing the story mode of Heavy Metal Babes was a blast, especially when I’d get the chance to upgrade my heroines. Since gaming requires energy and I played a lot, I was quickly out of it and looking for other ways to entertain myself.

    Thankfully the game’s packed with additional content that revolves around the story or hentai. I love stories, so I spent a lot of time reading through the different character descriptions while also learning about which attributes are best in battle and what abilities to use.

    The most fun I had, outside of the adventure, was when I flirted with my lovely squad girls. While chatting with the girls on the menu you’re able to flirt which results in spicy hentai rewards, animated or static.

    Successfully flirting wasn’t easy, as most of the time babes want items that can only be obtained by playing or using the in-game store. Sometimes to win them over I was put in an arcade game similar to flappy bird.

    After winning I’d get a message from them that they had fun and an attachment that’s an HD raunchy nude.

    What My Current Strategy Is For Heavy Metal Babes

    you win arcade game

    My suggestion for every game that runs on an energy system is to play until it’s completely empty before exploring the rest of the content.

    This way you’ll always have something to look forward to and never have to sit around and wait for the bar to fill up. While outside of the battle I’d recommend taking a closer look into the list of characters and their abilities so that you can upgrade them accordingly.

    When making a team I always like having heroines with abilities that stun the target or deal high bursts.

    During the battle, there are a few things that can almost always guarantee you victory. First of all, they can be somewhat slow but there’s an automated battle button as well as one that speeds up the animations, which are both useful.

    Auto battling is only good at lower levels, but at some point, you’ll have to take time to strategize your attacks. In my opinion, the easiest way to win is by bursting down the strongest enemy.

    When I say strength I don’t focus just on their damage, but abilities that make you lose a turn as well.

    Everything Else You Need To Know About Heavy Metal Babes

    hot alien from heavy metal babes in a spaceship

    System Requirments: Android 6 or above or if you're playing on a PC browser, the latest version of Chrome is recommended. 

    Platforms: PC browser, tablets and Android. 

    Privacy: Nutaku is my favorite place to play adult games as its safe, and private and your library can only be viewed by you. If you use Steam your library is available to your friends and any adult games will stick out. 

    Cost: Free with optional in-game purchases. 

    Are there cheats: There are no known safe cheats for this game. 

    Are there DLCs: No, however, DLCs are not necessary with this game as there is so much to unlock, explore and enjoy. 

    Time To Complete the Game: The average gamer spends around 100-250 hours on this game. 

    How Does It Match Up:

    Sexual Meter

    How Does It Match Up:

    My Verdict

    9.8 out of 10

    Out of all the turn erotic turn-based games, Heavy Metal Babes should be on a list of the best adult RPGs.

    The game has issues, mostly surrounding the energy system, but if you’re a casual gamer then this is not going to cause any problems.

    At the end of the day, it’s undeniable that the game has astonishing hentai, a spicy story, and intriguing combat.

    If you’re looking to get immersed in a futuristic setting with stunning babes fighting with mechs, download Heavy Metal Babes onto your Android or simply load it up on your browser.

    I've been an avid gamer for the past 20 years and been heavily involved in playing and even creating adult games for the past 10 years. I now focus on reviewing, testing and doing play throughs of all the adult games I can get my hands on.

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