Kink Inc Review After Playing This Game None Stop For Weeks


As a sophisticated figure and a political businessman, you must climb to the top in this exciting and immersive free adult game. Create an empire as you buy and sell businesses, engage in dirty schemes and deals, and of course, date and fuck the hot women you meet along the way.

This is a city sim come idle clicker that will have you hooked from the very beginning. Each sexy girl you meet is unique and modern in her ways, with delightful graphics to keep you entertained. The Vegas-esque glitz and glamor of this game don't go unnoticed with a neon buzz surrounding the atmosphere, combine that with a growing business, women throwing themselves at you and more cash flow coming in than you can count. Sounds good right?

Expand your influence, create a powerful network, seduce and fuck the girls you want and enjoy the choose-your-own story aspect of meeting these hotties. This game is laced with adult content and will keep you on your toes as you manage your resources and build your impactful empire.


  • Amazing graphics
  • Interactive stories
  • Gripping plots
  • Free to play
  • Idle clicker/city sim
  • Uncensored sex scenes
  • Resource management
  • Immersive gameplay
  • Casual and stress-free
  • Arousing content


  • In-game purchases are borderline necessary
  • Slow energy refills
  • A lot of grind
How Many Hours Of This Game I've Played:

Quick Facts:

Where to play: This game is exclusive to Natuku and you can get 200 free coins by making an account on Nutaku that you can spend on games or in-game currency.

Developer: Tender Troupe developed this game, they also brought us the popular booty farm, as well as Long lost lust.

Genre: Idle clicker, a business builder.

Language: English.


    Could you imagine being in a position of power and having the ability to create your own harem? Well, with Kink Inc you get to experience what being a wealthy entrepreneur and politician feels like. In this review, we’ll be taking a closer look at this free idle click-based game with a hefty amount of naughty adult content in it.

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    What Is The Kink Inc?

    kink inc sexy cutscenes

    Kink Inc is a free-to-play adult clicker that’s filled to the brim with gripping storylines and wonderful art. Players are put in the role of Dick Ruff, the mayor of the town and entrepreneur who’s on a mission to create his own lucrative harem. As you progress through the game you get to experience 50+ interactive sex stories, 50+ uncensored sex scenes, 30+ gorgeous characters to play with, and much more.

    If you’re in it for adult content only, you’ll be pleased to know that within a few minutes of playing, you’ll be rewarded with amazing sex scenes. Since Kink Inc is a click-based game, gameplay-wise it’s quite simple and intuitive. Mindless clicking can easily bore the player but luckily the game’s beautiful characters and their stories are more than enough to keep you mesmerized for hours on end.

    Although the game is free, microtransactions are available and they’re helpful for those who are short on time but want to experience the action. Thankfully the game is not pay-to-win since all of the content can be achieved through actually playing, it will just take a bit longer than it would by purchasing items. If you do wish to pay for the influence currency or a character that’s on sale there are items in the store that range from $0.99 all the way to $99.99.

    The first purchase for every beginner player is doubled, so it’s quite tempting to go for the priciest option considering how much currency is received. The developers create in-game events every so often, and when the updates are available the pool of items you can purchase is also increased. Some characters go on sale for up to 90%, all the while completely new hotties are introduced.

    Cheating isn’t something that many think of when it comes to single-player games, so you’d assume that Kink Inc doesn’t have them. Although there aren’t any cheats in the game itself, you can find cracked versions of the game online. These versions come with an increased amount of cash, plugs as well as the energy bar never going down, but they come usually come with viruses (like 9 times out of 10) and almost always ruin the fun of the actual game.

    My Opinion And Experience Playing Kink Inc

    click sex game from kink inc

    What first drew my attention to the game was the bright flashing neon lights and the beautiful art style that the characters are drawn in. Upon entering the game I was pleasantly surprised at how mesmerizing the story was and how quickly it glued me to my screen. Since I’ve played click-based money-collecting games beforehand, I didn’t have to pay much attention to the tips that pop up on the screen. I still inspected them and have come to the conclusion that the game developer did a great job at guiding beginners of the genre.

    Making smart decisions matters

    Whether you plan on playing the game casually from time to time or want to put your entire focus into it, it’s important to create a strategy that will earn you the most cash in the shortest amount of time. What I found to be the most important is to purchase automation so that your establishments can generate revenue without you having to constantly click on them. Thankfully that’s not hard to achieve, and when you do you’re free to explore other aspects of the game while in the meantime your pile of money keeps getting bigger.

    One thing that somewhat irked me was the energy bar that is required to progress through the story. Even though you technically don’t need to purchase the energy refill from the store, it can get quite boring having to wait 2-4 hours until it gets replenished. Energy is used to flirt with the stunning characters and gain sex scenes. For me this wasn’t that big of an issue since I played Kink Inc casually, but if you think you’re going to finish the game in one sitting you better have your credit card nearby because it’s impossible without it.

    Countless hours of gameplay

    On a positive note, the plot was quite intriguing and I thoroughly enjoyed the boss battle after each chapter. Even though it is a quick 10-second animated battle, the change of pace felt like a breath of fresh air from the constant clicking and scrolling. When it comes to the character's stories, I loved the fact that they were interactive and that decisions mattered when choosing which action to take. This feature makes it easy to get immersed in the story and think instead of mindlessly clicking until the sex scene comes up.

    Due to the fact that there are 30+ unique characters and that it’s not uncommon for updates to introduce new ones, finishing the game might take months for casuals. This may seem like an issue but if I’m being honest I’m a casual idle game enjoyer so it’s perfect for me. Hardcore gamers that crave constant action aren’t going to have a blast, especially if they go the free-to-play route.

    Tips And Tricks

    Everyone has their own way of playing, but in my opinion, the best way to play is in short periods of time throughout the day. Since your energy refills even when you’re not playing, you can simply explore the game’s discord server and chat with others about the game while waiting. Although I mentioned cheating beforehand, I wouldn’t recommend it due to the risk that comes with it.

    All The Info You Need To Know About Kink Inc

    System Requirments: On PC windows 7 or later is required, be sure to also have the most updated version of your browser. If downloading on Android, make sure to have the latest update installed. I tried it on all my devices and it worked flawlessly.

    Platforms: PC browser and Android. 

    Privacy: Natuku is one of the most private places to play adult games, it's anonymous and secure and your game library is totally private. 

    Cost: Free!

    Are there cheats: You can find cracked and modded versions of this game online however I do not recommend this. 

    Are there DLCs: No, however, there are constant updates. 

    Time To Complete the Game: This game is an idle clicker so you can come back and forth, I racked up 13 hrs with ease, as a casual gamer you could complete or at least partially complete this game in between 20-40 hours. 

    How Does It Match Up:

    Sexual Meter

    My Gameplay From Playing Kink Inc

    My Verdict

    9.3 out of 10

    If you’ve played idle click-based games before and are looking for one with adult elements in it, Kink Inc is a great choice.

    Even though it has its flaws, the game’s way more entertaining than the basic clickers you can find on the market. As far as sex games go, this might not have the most amount of sexual content, but when you do get to experience the sex scenes you’ll be more than satisfied with them.

    If you’re a casual gamer I would recommend giving Kink Inc a shot because it has the potential of becoming the best game to pass the time.

    I've been an avid gamer for the past 20 years and been heavily involved in playing and even creating adult games for the past 10 years. I now focus on reviewing, testing and doing play throughs of all the adult games I can get my hands on.

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