Pocket Waifu Review


I took weeks making this review, making sure that it contained everything you could possibly need to decide whether or not you need this game. All of that information is detailed carefully below, but here is everything you need to know if you are in a hurry to make a decision: The game is worth playing if you want a quick NSFW adult gaming fix, it’s free and you can play it entirely without paying anything at all, however, paying for coins and level ups makes things progress quicker and allows you to unlock features and speed-up cooldowns between tasks. The game is addictive and it’s fun to build a connection with your waifu, reaping the reward of sexual favors by making her happy. The downside, however, is that the sexual content can take a while to unlock, so if you want to beat your meat quickly there could be a better option, on the other hand, if you want a game that’s fun, sexual and has a lot of grinding (playing mini-games, bathing, feeding and energizing your waifu to make her like you) that will give you a nice way to occupy that sexual gaming side to your mind it’s an awesome choice. I do recommend you play it, it’s free and the visuals are a lot of fun to experience.


  • Minigames are lots of fun and can be quite challenging too.
  • Changing waifus is exciting and each character is unique and sexy in their own way.
  • The sex scenes are worth the wait and so rewarding.
  • It’s fun to customize, play with and look after your waifu.
  • It’s free which means you can try it and see what you think with no payment and you can play the whole thing without ever paying.
  • The game graphics are really cool, sexy, and cute.
  • It's not stressful, it's simple and easy to play.
  • It's erotic and the teasing and build-up are such a good payoff.


  • The microtransactions are a little extreme and I feel the game could benefit from just sticking with the premium monthly and having one currency and being a little better value for money.
  • The sexual content could be a little easier to get too. It’s worth the wait, but if there was just a little more it would make the game even more fun.
  • Some people complain about the cooldown between tasks (however this can be counteracted by purchasing in-game currency).
  • It can be considered soft-core compared to some erotic games.
How Many Hours Of This Game I've Played:

I didn't realize how much time I had spent on Pocket Waifu but over the past few weeks I have put in over 25+ hours into this game. It's easy to pass the timeon here, especially at the start when you are leveling up and unlocking new items to give to your hot ladies.


    Quick Facts:

    Where to play: Nutaku

    Developer: JNT

    Genre: Harem, Succubus, Animated Sex, anal, BDSM, Anime, Minigames, Softcore.
    Free, uncensored.

    Language: English

    Cheats for pocket waifu: I have looked at a few guides and around the internet to see if there were any shortcuts or purpose codes that could give you an upper hand, but I couldn't find any that worked.

    Take your average retro Tamagotchi, a small digital creature you had to feed, entertain, wash, and play with in the 90s and turn that into a modern NSFW animated woman on your device who needs the same things except with the addition of intercourse and seduction, think hot Tamagotchi woman with a sexually explicit manner, an online and animated date experience for those of us who enjoy kicking back with someone who knows how to turn you on, that's how I like to explain Pocket Waifu.

    It's a kinky dating simulator riddled with stories and useful mini-games, sexy women, functional items, and more to unlock. All you have to do is keep her happy, which is an enchanting experience. With 12 unique animated hot women to unlock, seduce and enjoy sexually too, pocket waifu has a lot to offer for a free game.

    This review is going to take you into the ins and outs of this dating sim, the what ifs, the buts, and the hows. I have been doing this for a long time and I know a good adult game when I see one. Created by the huge gaming giant Nutaku, they have built something most of us dream about, a sexy wife-in-your-pocket kind of game, but is it any good? let's take a look.

    Why you can trust FlashforAdults: ✅ I’m an adult gaming expert who has spent over 20 years gaming and 10 of those years reviewing games of all shapes, sizes, and genres. Find out about my reviewing policy and you can also go here to find my proof of purchase of this game.

    What is Pocket Waifu?

    screenshot I took while playing pocket waifu of one of the cutscenes

    Simple and seductive is the main steamy undercurrent of Pocket Waifu, care for and look after your hot pocket wife and reap the rewards as she tries to make you as happy as she can in return.

    Pocket Waifu is a straightforward game at its heart but it is very rewarding once you start to unlock necessary items like food and more hot female characters. As far as dating simulators go it does make you work to keep your girls happy (this is because you made a deal with a nasty succubus for them) but it isn't a tedious journey, it's slow-paced and when you keep your girls happy they reward you with sex and sexy uncensored clips of themselves.

    It's easy to play and the uncensored steamy scenes come forth whether you pay for the game or not, so your persistence is always rewarded. You can customize your house, your girls, and your experience how you please, it goes without saying that those among us who enjoyed the sims, Tamagotchis, and any other simulator type of game, will really enjoy pocket waifu.

    My Experience Playing Pocket Waifu

    I have dedicated a lot of hours to this game, playing it on my PC mostly and I must say time just slips away with this one, it's a great way to escape reality for a little while and just kick back and enjoy an animated girlfriend who loves to please you. The core of this game is to look after your waifu and revel in her happiness as she pleases you back with sexual favors and explicit animations.

    My favorite thing about this game is the animation, of course, there are far more sexual games out there but to me, this game is extremely visually appealing with nudity and sexually cut scenes there is also an element of class and cuteness that I really enjoyed. The grind of keeping my waifu happy and making sure her best interests were at the forefront made her seductive happiness to me even sexier.

    The downside is if you don't buy in-game coins and tokens, you do have to wait for cooldowns and progress which can be time-consuming, however, if you like to browse whilst gaming, you still can, which makes this game feel even more like an old-school Tamagotchi style. You also need to win the mini-games and although they're not hard, that can get frustrating if you're just grinding for some new lingerie for your hentai hottie.

    The sexual content isn't the most explicit out there, it may be considered soft-core by some but there is plenty of nudity and explicit sex scenes. I really enjoyed that aspect, especially after making my virtual wives happy and getting to reap the rewards of looking out for them. The happier they are, the happier they make you, which means you get as much sexual content as you grind for.

    With your waifu you can change her outfit, feed her, bathe her, put her to sleep, change characters, poke her, buy her gifts, and level up into lovers, it's very interactive.

    I really enjoyed this game and I would recommend it to anyone who likes something simple, rewarding, and yet still laced with promiscuity and animated intercourse, and serious seduction.

    Lots Of Things Drain The Sleep (beginners must know advice)

    screenshot showing the sleep and energy issue inside pocket waifu

    If you’re starting don’t do what I did and top up the hunger and bath and then play one of the hardest games, as all that stuff drained my sleep and made the first few hours of the game much slower than if I had not done that.

    If you get one good love ball game in, claim your daily tasks and you’ll be able to buy an energy drink or a time warp, which will then give you a lot of game learning. Do this and within 5 minutes you’ll be up to your first level and get your first really hot visual.

    Another good tip is that you don’t use your keyboard, you use the click of the mouse (that will save you a few lives) and for your first game pick something easy like 'loveball', it’s a pinball game, and easy to get a lot of coins that will help you progress much quicker.

    As winning mini-games determine your wife's happiness, these are the easiest and hardest games to play:

    • Spiral is medium as sometimes timing the jump takes a few tries and then you’re dead and the mini-game is over.
    • The dancing snake is pretty hard and drains your energy.
    • Cat race is really hard and you have to be quick at it.
    • Line break is also pretty hard but not the worst to try.
    • City driver is medium hard but winning is very satisfying.
    • Loveball is the one I’m best at and I find it quite easy to play.
    • Flappy wings is just like the infamous game 'flappy bird' and is quite simple to play.

    All The Things You Should Know About Pocket Waifu

    sakaki's cartoon ass

    Aside from the game itself, it's important to understand the specifications of a game (to ensure your device can play it), the price, and all of the other little things that come with a sexy adult game.

    System Requirements (can an old pc run it): Yes!! I would say that most PC’s made in the last 15 years could play it. You need 2GB of Ram, windows 7 and up, and integrated graphics of 512 MB. The mechanics it needs are very basic and runs really well on both my Android phone, my PC, and my Mac.

    Platforms (delivery speed): PC/Windows/macOS are all compatible options, this game can be played in a browser in seconds by just joining Nutaku for free and then clicking play and you will be in the game, you are also free to download the app to have it on any android phone. In my experience, it works best on Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. It did work for me on Safari too but in the game requirements, it doesn’t recommend it, however, I had no problem with it.

    Privacy: There is no indication that you signed up to play the game, just an email from Nutaku confirming your account if you buy coins you’ll get an email from Nutaku just confirming your purchase of tokens but it doesn’t mention anything sexual or explicit.

    Cost: This game is absolutely free (there are microtransactions, but you can play the game fully without them). The micro-transactions and premium accounts make the game progress at a much quicker level as you make more from the mini-games and you also get quicker game cooldowns which is a big bonus as the cooldowns can take a while.

    I’m a big fan of supporting game creators, but I do often find that free games end up costing more than the paid ones, however, if you have a few bucks to spend on the VIP premium you get access to a much quicker sexual experience with your waifu and you can try it for as low as 3 bucks for three days, you can also get it even cheaper for the cost of just one pound if you join Nutaku as they give you 200 coins for free if you make an account and verify your email, you can get that code by going here.

    Top Tip: Download Pocket Waifu through Nutaku and if you decide to do the microtransactions you can save so much money by buying their gold starter packs or subscribing to their gold updates, you can save up to 70% if not more by getting the gold through them, this makes 30 days of premium go from 20 bucks to 15 bucks (or three months for the price of two of premium) you can mix that with the starting offer in pocket waifu and you can get an awesome base for playing the game without actually spending too much. Plus it saves all your adult games progress and can be played in your browser without having to download anything.

    Sexual Meter: This isn’t a quick sexual frustration release type of game like Hentai Heroes, instead this is a game you’ll come back to multiple times, you can easily spend 30+ hours unlocking items and hot women, leveling up, and building a connection with your waifu. It’s a great use of time and a nice way to decompress as the games are a lot of fun, but it isn’t going to immediately give you something too intense to jerk off to, but the build-up in tension makes the bigger sexual moments way more intense and rewarding.

    How Sexual Is This Game

    My Verdict

    7 out of 10

    There’s a reason this game has become and still is one of the most popular sex games ever made. It’s addictive, it’s fun, and the art is beautiful, but it can be a grind, I’m personally not mad at that because I enjoy grinding and I love the reward at the end of all of my hard work. It’s a game that you’ll keep with you and keep coming back to, unlike a lot of the games I’ve reviewed this one has a pretty long shelf life (if you enjoy the concept). The game could do with being a little less micro-transaction heavy, but it’s perfectly playable without paying anything, just a lot more naughty when you do.

    I’d recommend you give it a shot and if you like mobile-style dating simulator games then this is a must-play.

    However, if you want something with a much quicker sexual gratification to beat your meat to, something like hentai heroes or a game that is really similar but I prefer a little more is crush crush which has the same kind of grind but with good sexual content and a little better of an intro into the game and what is going on.

    I've been an avid gamer for the past 20 years and been heavily involved in playing and even creating adult games for the past 10 years. I now focus on reviewing, testing and doing play throughs of all the adult games I can get my hands on.

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