How We Score The Games We Review

Everything you need to know about my full review-creating process.

Purchase and Proof Of Ownership For Every Game Policy

Who would want to read a review from someone who has never used and doesn’t even own the game.

Not me.

That’s why I created a page with all the games I’ve tested with proof of purchase and ownership just to show you I actually own the game.

I already played and purchased the game this is just another step I go to prove my integrity to creating great game reviews.

Ways I prove proof of purchase (most or all of the below):

  • With email conformations (if applicable)
  • Screenshots of invoice (if applicable)
  • Screenshots of games in my game library (used for Steam, Nutaku, and Erogame game libraries)
  • I post my own video gameplay from the games I review.
  • I post my own screenshots for the games I review.

I do all of this for both paid and free games because even if it’s free I like to show you I actually played the game.

All of this is super easy because most of the games I review I already play in my free time and would play even if I didn’t have this blog.

Our Review Scale

This is what each of our 10-star ratings means.

10 stars – Sexy Masterpiece

Outstanding masterpiece, this is reserved for the very best.

Nothing is perfect, but a 10-star review is as close as you can get.

It’s reserved for the best of the best in adult gaming.

9 stars – A Beautiful Wet Dream

Anything 9 stars and above is unreal and a must-play.

For me a 9+ is something every adult game lover should have in their game library/on their playlist.

8 stars – Epic

8 stars and above is still an epic score and means the

7 stars – Pretty good

7 stars is a solid game, maybe it has some things that hold it off from being higher like heavy microtransactions or a heavy tie to time lock grind (the worse kind of grind).

But overall it’s a very nice rating.

6 stars – Good

Once we get to the 6 stars this usually means there is something holding the game back, maybe it’s got a few really annoying glitches, maybe it doesn’t play flawlessly or maybe there is just a lack of meat to the game and its story.

With 6 I’d still recommend a play, but it isn’t something I’d scream from the rooftops about.

5 starsPlayable

At 5 stars we are meeting the average game that isn’t good or bad, it’s just playable and there is still something that’s stopping it from being bad, but it is neither good or bad, it just is.

4 stars – It sucks

Not something I’d recommend

This is a game I’d not recommend, I’d probably not even talk about.

This is the type of game that has nothing going for it, not the art, not the story, not the game mechanics, nothing.

3 stars – Trashy

Save your time, money, and energy.

I’d actively delete a 3-star off my PC, burn it and not even tell anyone about it of fear they might pitty play it.

This is a game that is just about playable, but has no real reason.

2 stars – Very Bad


Pure and simple, avoid.

It’s not going to do anything for you, it won’t be sexy, it won’t get you hard, unless not making it past the loading screen gets you creaming?

1 stars – Unplayable

A 1 star is usually broken, doesn’t work, exploitive, badly run, and is to be avoided at all costs.

0 stars – Painfully Unplayable

This type of game will not work.

It has nothing and I mean nothing to it.

You will regret any time you waste on it.

It’s the worse score and the rarest score ever because in most games that are zeros I have tried to play and didn’t get enough content to make it past 30 words.

How We Review The Games We Test (Our Process)

This is the usual system I use to review all the adult video games on Flash For Adults.

Step #1: I find the game either through research, being recommended the game or just browsing one of the many adult game portals and adding it to my playlist of future games.

Step #2: I start playing it. This part can take a few hours all the way to me playing the video game on and off for months. Most of the time I time my gameplay and I try to get at least 10 hours + with most of the games I review, but sometimes this isn’t always possible as a lot of games are made to be completed quicker.

Step #3: Once I’ve played the game enough I start asking my review questions:

  • Is it free to play if so can you play it without microtransactions > how bad are the microtransactions?
  • Is there a good strategy that I wish I’d have known at the start of playing this?
  • What are the things this game is missing (the cons)
  • What are the things I love about this game (the pros)
  • What genre’s are inside this game?
  • How difficult is it?
  • How much of a grind
  • How quickly does it get sexual
  • Is the story any good?
  • What about the graphics are they nice?

I usually answer these over the course of plaything the video game and I’ve gotten into the habit of keeping notes for most of the games I play, which makes this part a lot easier.

Step 4: I put all of that together and write the review, I then edit it, film a video of me playing it (I usually do this from the start of playing the game), fact-check it, and see if there’s anything I can make better.

Step 5: I then release it to the world.

Updated Reviews

Our scores do change.

When a game is released very rarely does it stay the same.

Games get updates and sometimes they make and sometimes they break a game.

So, if there’s a 1-star review and then an update comes around and changes it to a 4-star review we’ll make an update and note accordingly so you can see our past review and our recent opinion.