Town Of Sins Review: A Card Battle Game You Won't Forget


A simple yet rewarding free adult strategy card game that keeps you entertained and thoroughly aroused.  A game where you must literally 'play your cards right' to defeat and conquer babes, with each card having its own skills to defeat and of course, being able to be combined with other cards for ultimate powerful porn strikes, it's so much fun to level up.

This game has hundreds of cards to collect and play with, featuring winning hentai porn combinations that not only look incredible but actually score you points and level you up. To win all you need to do is amass the best card deck for the situation you're in and enjoy the collectible card game mechanics and jaw-dropping hentai porn scenes.

Town of Sins is simple yet so much fun and with endless card gameplay, you can keep coming back for more again and again, playing your best hand and enjoying the hot babes on your screen as you unlock skills and enjoy the graphic hentai porn artwork.



  • Beautiful artwork
  • Arousing hentai graphics
  • A plethora of cards to collect (over 400!)
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Uncensored hentai babes
  • Card combos unlock porn transformations
  • Easy-to-grasp game mechanics
  • Free to play
  • Easy to pick up and put back down


  • Microtransactions necessary for pvp
  • Energy systems can be frustrating
  • The need for 'viagra' can put a stop to gameplay
  • Not as addictive as some other adult games
How Many Hours Of This Game I've Played:

Quick Facts:

Where to play: Nutaku is the best place to play this game, it's like the Steam for adult games keeps everything in one place and you get sign-up bonuses. You can also play it direct from town of sins, but it's not as easy to keep all your saves in one place.

Developer: Hooligaps developed TOS as well as other popular games such as Cunt Wars (one of our all-time favorites), Dirty League, Fap Titans & Pussy Saga. 

Genre: Card battle RPG, Fetishes, Strategy, Collection.

Language: English, German, Japanese & Russian.


    If playing cards and gorgeous women are what you’re after, Town of Sins is the perfect game for your needs. This town’s packed to the brim with lovely women, and you’re the one who gets to seduce them and turn them into raunchy hotties. This review will explain all you need to know about this free adult card game.

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    What Is Town Of Sins?

    cartoon cutaway from the aftermath of a threesome from town of sins

    Town of Sins is a free-to-play card-collecting game with raunchy adult elements and erotic characters. The name speaks for itself, so as soon as you enter you’re put in your first card game against a hottie. Since there’s a lot to learn about the cards and combat, the developer has made it easy for beginners to start off playing by adding important tips. The gist of the game is to collect the greatest and naughtiest girls which you can play and evolve during the battle sequences.

    Since this game is meant for adults, it’s no wonder that you see explicit images right from the get-go. The cards themselves are beautifully drawn and when combined with others become even raunchier than before. While playing the adventure mode you’ll have a chance to unlock new chicks, all with unique erotic art that’s impossible not to get mesmerized by. Alongside cards, you’ll also unlock naughty pictures of the story that’s progressing, which also come with gripping descriptions of where the story’s headed.

    When it comes to the gameplay, it follows a similar format that other digital cards collectible games do. Once you’ve made your deck and started the game you’ll quickly see that each card has specific attack/health indicators, passive abilities, and other unique features. Your goal is to bring your enemy’s health bar to zero, which is done by defeating the cards they play. Cards themselves are separated into girls and items, which is quite fun to play with because of the freedom that’s given to the player.

    Despite Town of Sins being free, microtransactions are in every corner of the game. Diamonds are used to purchase new cards with better stats, cash to study different card combinations, and most importantly viagra, which you’ll be using to upgrade your already acquired characters. Although they can be gained while playing, it takes quite a long time to open free chests enough to upgrade your favorite cards. This system is what needs the most improvement, as it makes the game somewhat pay to win.

    Since the game’s meant to be played on a browser only, there are no known cheats that guarantee what they offer. Usually, you’ll come across APK versions of the game that claim to have everything unlocked but don’t be fooled as they’re most likely filled with malware. Luckily the game’s fun to play, so there’s really no need to cheat unless you just want to see the erotic elements. Events happen every so often and with them come new characters, deals, and bundles.

    My Experience Playing Town Of Sins

    The first thing I noticed with Town of Sins was how well the animations are and how good it felt to evolve a card. I’ve never been much of a gamer that enjoys playing with cards, but I couldn’t resist trying it out because the art was simply beautiful. Thankfully the developer included a plethora of important tips that were more than necessary to get me started. Even though I started playing for the xxx content, I quickly became infatuated with the combat system and gameplay in general.

    Countless racy combinations

    As briefly mentioned before, there are two sets of cards you play with, items and girls. Upon playing my first game I was introduced to fusion, which combines items with chicks to immensely increase their stats. Not only are the numbers better, but the image completely changes its form. What was once a cute ballerina turned into a complete slut that’s bent over and creampied once alcohol gets added into her system.  This is just one example out of the countless possible outcomes that items or other girls can have on some hotties.

    Gameplay is quite intuitive, so you won’t have to spend much time getting to know the basics. Things do get a lot more complex the longer you play, especially if you try battling it out with other players online. Unfortunately, you won’t have much luck against real people unless you purchase microtransactions since most of them have either spent countless hours playing or bought every possible item to make their deck the greatest. Luckily the adventure mode is more than enough to have a great time playing.

    Breathtaking card art

    beautiful card art from town of sins

    I’m usually much more interested in animated scenes and progressing through the story, but the cards in this game have easily kept me intrigued while playing. They involve elements of BDSM such as whips and handcuffs, kinkier elements like pregnant chicks, and much more. I’ve seen plenty of raunchy card games, but Town of Sins definitely has one of the biggest libraries of spicy art.

    Not everything’s about hardcore kink though, which can be seen in the countless wholesome chicks like the gardener, masseuse, seamstress, and strict teacher. Of course, they often get kinkier when items are added to them and when they’re upgraded, but that’s only after you get into battle. There are 999 cards and mythic ones have hands down the best art and raunchiest content you can find in a free-to-play adult game. I’ve personally played without any purchases for weeks and I’m not even close to having them all unlocked.

    How to best play the game

    main menu in town of sins

    Understanding how combat works are the first step to progressing through the story and online leaderboard. Although it might make more sense to have multiple girls on board, the main thing you should focus on is upgrades. Not only will your card become insanely strong, but you’ll also have it stay on the board for much longer and defeat your opponent’s cards easier compared to having three low-level characters in play.

    Deck building is key to success, so when you run out of energy and wait 15 minutes for your energy bar to build up it’s best to explore your options. Aside from the deck building area, you should also look into the workshop where you can fuse cards every 8 hours, or instantly if you plan on spending money. I’d suggest playing around with the decks first before even stepping foot in the arena because most players have tons of Viagra and cards with maximum levels already.

    All The Info You Need To Know About Town Of Sins

    cum shot from town of sins

    System Requirments:  This is a browser game so you don't need to worry too much about your device's capabilities, at the minimum make sure all of your browsers are up to date. 

    Platforms: Browser only. 

    Privacy: Nutaku is a safe site that will store all of your information in your private profile, you will receive an email when joining but your library is not public. 

    Cost: Free to play with some optional microtransactions. 

    Are there cheats: Cheats can be found online, however, I don't recommend these. I do recommend playing strategically and cheating the system that way. Focus on the blue cards, Lady vamp is the best girl you can get, spend your gold on combinations and upgrades. Thank me later. 

    Are there DLCs: Developers do release updates every week with new cards, events, districts, and battle combinations, however as of yet there is no DLC. 

    Time To Complete the game: This game is endless, you can play it and put it down whenever you feel like it. 

    How Does It Match Up:

    Sexual Meter

    My Gameplay Video (shows everything inside the game)

    I also created this review video with everything from Town of Sins from gameplay, to the shop and even the game mechanics so you can get a full feel for the game before playing it.

    My Gameplay Screenshots

    My Verdict

    8.7 out of 10

    Town of Sins has some flaws, but they should cause any problems for casual gamers who plan on playing every once in a while. If you’re more hardcore and like playing nonstop, you should prepare your credit card as things can get quite frustrating without it. Out of all the card-collecting games I’ve played Town of Sins definitely has the best style, on top of having unique gameplay mechanics. If adult-oriented CCG interests you, I’d highly recommend starting your adventure in Town of Sins.

    I've been an avid gamer for the past 20 years and been heavily involved in playing and even creating adult games for the past 10 years. I now focus on reviewing, testing and doing play throughs of all the adult games I can get my hands on.

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