My Vixen Wars Review (and the profound truth about this sexy base defence game)


Vixen Wars is an action-adventure tower defense game that also contains seriously raunchy sex scenes that ties the gameplay together nicely. Ascending the throne you are now in charge and it's up to you to build your deadly army of sexy vixens, build your deck and defend your base from the creatures that lurk on the map.

Your hentai vixens are all unique with different stories to tell and your success as a King relies on them being powerful enough to defeat the enemies you will face. Upgrade your girl's skills, seduce them, and ultimately reap the rewards of being in their good books as you are gifted uncensored sex scenes and upgrade to unbeatable skills that make you the most powerful army in the land.


  • Great graphics
  • Gripping story
  • A welcoming community
  • Free to play (you get so much for it being free to play, it feels like a paid game and you aren't held back by micro-transactions).
  • Uncensored nudity
  • Collect hot pictures
  • Great game mechanics.
  • Build a powerful harem.


  • Not designed for hardcore gamers
  • Expensive microtransactions (if you decide to purchase them).
  • Story is a little too short.
  • Only available in English
How Many Hours Of This Game I've Played:

Quick Facts:

Where to play: You can play this game on Natuku (my favorite option, it's like the adult version of Steam) or on Steam just be cautious as it shows in your library and any of your Steam friends can see it.

Developer: 3x Entertainment developed this smutty game as well as others such as the ever-popular Booty Calls, Busty Biz, and Sexy Exile.

Genre: Tower defense and action adventure.

Language: English

Discount: You can get 200 coins free by joining Nutaku which you can use to purchase games or on in-game currency, you can also save a massive amount of games in in-game currencies by buying a Nutaku coin package.


    It’s hard to imagine being a king and ruling over a wide array of gorgeous women, but thankfully Vixen Wars turns our dream into a reality. Not only are the girls sexy, but they also fight by your side and help you reclaim your throne and free your stepsister from the evil Dark Magician. Throughout the review, we’ll find out what this free-to-play action strategy game has to offer.

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    What Is Vixen Wars?

    some galleries from vixen wars

    Vixen Wars is a unique combination of a tower defense and a deck builder that’s made for adults as it contains tons of nudity and raunchy gripping storylines. The story begins just as the king dies and you as the prince and his son have to take over the throne. Unfortunately, evil forces from the dark side have corrupted your stepsister so you’ll have to battle your way through enemies and seduce any hot-blooded girl that stands in your way.

    Throughout the story, you’ll come across many spicy heroines that you can level up, talk dirty to, and experience a plethora of lewd sex scenes. Those of you that are playing only for the sexual elements will be delighted to find out that there are constant nude scenes and pictures. The longer you play the naughtier the rewards become, but the enemies get a lot more difficult as well.

    Gameplay wise the game’s similar to other tower defense games in the sense that you’re main objective is to create an army strong enough to withstand the enemies that lie ahead. Aside from the plethora of lewd characters, you can also use countless other items and upgrades that increase your character’s damage dealt and defenses. Outside of battle, you can upgrade them in order to make them stronger for the next mission.

    Although Vixen Wars is a free game, microtransactions are available in the in-game shop. They’re not necessarily needed to progress through the missions, but they make it a lot easier to do so. If you choose to purchase diamonds in-game, you have multiple options that range from €0.90 to €90.95. Besides diamonds, you can also expect to see some new heroines pop up in the store as well. Although there is no signup bonus, there are daily deals and special offers that reduce the prices of certain items.

    As of now, there are no known cheats in the game or on the internet, so playing it is the only way to experience naughty scenarios. Since the game's meant for casual gamers, players must use energy to play levels, and when they’re out of energy they must wait for it to be replenished. It takes 6 minutes to gain one point and it takes four points to play a level. This is where microtransactions help out a lot since you can refresh your entire energy bar with a quick and easy purchase.

    My Experience Playing Vixen Wars

    gameplay of base defence in vixen wars

    When I look for games to play the first things I look for are a great art style and engaging gameplay, and Vixen Wars had both. As I booted up the game what caught me off guard was the phenomenal animations and graphics. Usually with games that are free the visual effects are horrible, but Vixen Wars has some of the best hentai animations I’ve seen in gaming. Since I previously took a break from tower defense games, the tooltips were more than necessary, and I’m glad the developers took their time to guide new players.

    Perfect game for casual gamers

    Being a casual gamer myself, I hate when it's expected of me to spend multiple hours in one sitting to get into the story and be immersed. The energy system in Vixen Wars is done phenomenally and is something that other developers should look into implementing in their games. The moment your energy bar goes down by a point, the six-minute countdown for it to be refreshed begins. On average I played six levels until my bar was completely drained, but two hours later it was back to full and I was ready to continue.

    While waiting for it to be refreshed, the best thing you can do is explore the game’s content in depth. I had a blast looking through the shop and figuring out the lore of the lovely heroines. Not only did I enjoy exploring, but also figured out which items and characters work best for defeating specific types of enemies. From my experience, the gameplay’s around 5+ hours long, but in total you’ll spend much more exploring the side content.

    Collecting mesmerizing rewards

    Whilst battling, your entire focus is on the fight at hand, and once you're victorious the story progresses. Although I won’t talk about spoilers, I have to mention some of the scenes you’ll encounter as they’re simply breathtaking. The pictures you collect are great, but sex scenes are what make the game so appealing. There are some softcore blowjob animations, but the majority of them include intense penetration from various positions. Thankfully all of the scenarios are saved and easily accessible from the main menu.

    What blew my mind was how well the adorable women were drawn and animated. The developer’s style of choice is of the classic hentai girl, and it works perfectly with the fantasy world that’s been created. Whether they’re wearing heavy or cloth armor, they look ravishing. Since I’m a sucker for a good story, I thoroughly enjoyed reading through the storylines of different heroines before getting them into the bedroom.

    How to best play the game

    gameplay from vixen wars

    In order to receive spicy rewards, you must first be victorious on the battlefield, but luckily I’ve played for quite some time now and know just how to help beginners improve. At first, I focused only on the battle sequences and positioning of my heroines, but I quickly realized that the most important factor is the upgrades. On top of making your character stronger, it also progresses their story and gives you extra content on the side.

    For those of you that don’t enjoy slow fighting sequences, the top right of the screen contains a speed-up button that increases the pace of enemies and allies. Although this is great for some fights, it’s best to turn it off when you’re against new opponents just to figure out how they function. Another useful piece of advice I could give is to use the items, as they’re not expensive and help out a lot. Those can also be upgraded in the shop and they can either improve your allies or hinder the opponents.

    All The Info You Need To Know About Vixen Wars

    prices of the shop in vixen wars

    System Requirments: Windows 7, OS X v10.9 Mavericks, IPhone 8, or higher is recommended to play this adult game. 

    Platforms: You can play on mobile or PC browsers including Android and OS. 

    Privacy: If you sign-up using Natuku, you will receive one confirmation email. You will also have a private library, if you use Steam your library is visible to your friends, so be aware!

    Cost: It's a free-to-play game with micro-transactions. It's not pay-to-play and is pretty good for a free-to-play at not making you grind too much.

    Are there cheats: There are no safe cheats with this game that I can recommend, however, if you want an advantage the game does recommend purchasing in-game energy and coins to upgrade and progress faster than your opponents. 

    Are there DLCs: No DLC as of yet, however, developers are open to suggestions and do take feedback? 

    Time To Complete the Game: I played for over 32 hours but you could easily spend hundreds more. You are constantly upgrading and enjoying, which does squeeze time but it's not hard to get suckered in. 

    How Does It Match Up:

    Sexual Meter

    My Gameplay From Vixen Wars

    My Verdict

    9.3 out of 10

    Vixen Wars is a game I’d recommend to any adult gamer, whether they’re fans of nudity or not. There’s a great community of people who enjoy playing and are always looking to add new members to their in-game guilds. I’ve had a bit of a struggle to find flaws, and when I did they were miniscule and could easily be ignored.

    If you’re a fan of deck builders, tower defenses, and lewd nude hentai, I suggest downloading Vixen Wars onto your mobile, tablet, or desktop device and enjoying the high-quality gameplay for free.

    I've been an avid gamer for the past 20 years and been heavily involved in playing and even creating adult games for the past 10 years. I now focus on reviewing, testing and doing play throughs of all the adult games I can get my hands on.

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