Flash For adults was created to review, test and rank adult sex games.

The site is run by an adult game enthusiast who has been gaming for 20+ years and playing adult games for the last 10 years.

The end goal is to create the biggest adult gaming community and use it to find even more amazing games and help promote the amazing games that get hidden due to lack of promotions.

We buy all the games we talk about: We disclose all the games we have and have not played and show proof of purchase/download for any game we review as we would never review a game we hadn’t purchased/played first.

What about if we get given a game for free? We don’t get many but, we also disclose when a developer lets us have a free copy of their game to test it. We never let it jade our opinion and we let the developer know free or not the game will be reviewed honestly as the price of a video game is not worth my love for this blog.

Another thing to mention: We never take any type of paid promotion to talk about any game or write a review. As long as your game is good and accessible we are happy to review it for free.

People Behind Flash For Adults

We don’t have a big team or loads of us behind this website, right now it’s just me (Max) and my friend Jarad who is way more educated than me and helps with fact-checking and proofreading.

Max Gentry (Writer, owner and reviewer)

I’ve been gaming for 20+ years, I have been playing adult games for 10 years on and off, but over the past 5 years that’s when the porn/sex game space has really started taking off with loads of developers making amazing adult-related games. Finally, after many years a lot of the Japanese games being ported into many different languages allowing me to play and test them and that’s where I’ve been spending most of my gaming time.

My Twitter: @flashforadults

My email: ask@flashforadults.com

Jared (Proofreader, Fact Checker, Tech Helper)

I’m Jarad, Myself and Max became friends 14 years ago and have pretty much been close friends for most of our adult lives, we’ve made a few websites together, but this has been the funniest with both of our passions for gaming and adult content being combined.

I used to do light game development (so did max) and we both take great fun in beta and full game release testing.

I mostly help with the proof reading, fact checking and maintaining of the website, along with showing Max some of my favorite games and giving him some pointers of games we’ve both played together.