Cunt Empire Review (Cheats, Gameplay & Everything You Need To Know)


Build your own camgirl empire from nothing, learn on the job, grow your business, and find yourself ruling the camming industry as you progress through this arousing game.

Hire the right girls, attract customers, buy your girls the tools to get even more clientele, and enjoy the fruits of your labor as you take care of your horny girls after their shows. With business management and browser clicker mechanics, things move quickly in this game and if you play it right, you will soon be a business tycoon with a huge empire of hot-camming chicks all desperate to be the next big thing.

One of my favorite things is that once you complete a level you are graced with a real porn video from your cam girl (all of them are based off of real models). This just incentivizes me to work harder, it's a real treat and something we see very rarely in free adult games.

The game art is also another great talking point, it isn't hentai or anime as we see a lot, except its realistic, it depicts real adult stars and when you're grinding and building up your girls and your empire, that visual really immerses you into the game and has you right there in the room with your harem of hotties.


  • Phenomenal art
  • Real porn scenes
  • Free to play
  • Real porn stars
  • Business Management
  • Your decisions impact earnings
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Empire growth
  • Harem of cam girls
  • Sexy dialogue


  • The game is discontinued
  • A lot of grinding
  • Music is a bit repetitive
  • Takes a little while to grasp how to play efficiently
How Many Hours Of This Game I've Played:

Quick Facts:

Where to play: Play on the official website

Developer: Hooligaps developed this incredible adult game as well as others you may recognize such as Dirty League, Town Of Sins, Cunt Wars, Fap Titans, and Pussy Saga.

Genre: Business sim idler.

Language: English.

Discount: The best discount I found was if you play the game for 10 - 15 minutes and then register, it gives you an extra 300 gems (that's a lot of gems) and that's a really quick way to progress. Another way to progress the game quicker is to click aswell as let the idle click do it's thing. Another discount/promo is if you claim all the rewards, on your first day stop the game after 10 minutes and sign back in, you'll get a reward, you can do this any time you login on a different day from that point on.


    Being fired from your job would be horrible, but what if you had enough cash to start a lucrative camming business?

    Cunt Empire is not just about making money, but fooling around with the wide array of stunning adult performers as well. In this review, we’ll talk about the ins and outs of this lustful adult game.

    Why you can trust FlashforAdults: ✅ I’m an adult gaming expert who has spent over 20 years gaming and 10 of those years reviewing games of all shapes, sizes, and genres. Find out about my reviewing policy and you can also go here to find my proof of purchase of this game.

    What Is Cunt Empire?

    what is cunt empire

    If you’ve ever had the pleasure of browsing through a list of great porn games, Cunt Empire was always among the top.

    This free-to-play incremental game immerses the player into the role of a smart businessman who’s just lost his job and is looking to earn some cash.

    Thankfully he has connections with hot chicks and can start his own personal live sex cam business.

    While playing you’re able to purchase more rooms and property as well as hire the spiciest babes to show off their lustful bodies and make you tons of money.

    Right from the start there’s a plethora of sexual content and the art that it’s been drawn and animated in is phenomenal.

    Seeing such high-quality images and animations is rare, especially for a pornographic game. Aside from being able to watch the girls work, you can also see sexual content through the animated scenes and HD hentai pictures that you receive as a reward while playing.

    Despite there being a lot of sex, obtaining it isn’t as easy of a task as it may seem.

    The gameplay of Cunt Empire is consistent with other games in the genre, so expect to just use your mouse to play.

    Your focus is primarily on the cash, so the more you earn the pricier items you can purchase that the girls play with.

    Everything is automated, so the only thing the players are tasked with is choosing what to purchase and which girl to upgrade. Gameplay is quite fun but it can become a bit difficult when numbers get astronomically large and you have to manage dozens of beautiful ladies all by yourself.

    Cunt Empire is free to play and can be finished without microtransactions, however, there is an in-game store for players to speed things up. There you’ll be able to find anything from currency to brand-new girls, but some players choose other ways of obtaining everything.

    Cheating is everywhere, so a game as popular as Cunt Empire is bound to have websites that offer modded versions of the game. It’s extremely important to be cautious when downloading them, as they’re more often than not filled with malware that ruins your device.

    My Experience Playing Cunt Empire

    Within seconds of entering the game, I was shocked at how good the graphics were.

    I’ve seen the trailers for Cunt Empires but have always thought it was just a way to lure in unsuspecting players and get them hooked on the story.

    Speaking of which, the first 5-10 minutes of the game was just the tutorial, which was extremely helpful and showed me everything I needed to know and how to best make a profit in the lucrative camming business.

    Strategizing For More Progression

    Discovering what works best and which girls earn the most was a bit difficult, but even after learning that I had trouble making enough money.

    The beginning was fine and easy, but later on, the numbers get so large that the starting chicks feel insignificant when they’re working.

    Thankfully after finishing each episode, I was rewarded with the hottest porn of actual real-life pornstars that I’ve seen.

    Little Caprice and Liya Silver are just the two of many that I was able to watch perform in front of their webcams.

    The majority of Cunt Empire is animated, so I was mostly looking at hentai art while playing and not at porn.

    Thankfully the team behind Cunt Empire has worked hard on making the animations fluid and the hottie's bodies perfect.

    There is a lot of variation when it comes to body types, but most of the chicks were curvy with plump breasts and thick booties.

    Things got a lot more exciting once I started purchasing sex toys and other pieces of furniture for their bedroom.

    Discontinued but still worth playing

    For some unknown reason, Hooligapps has discontinued Cunt Empire, but at least players are still allowed to log in to their accounts and continue playing.

    This would usually destroy a game but there’s still a community of people that have dedicated countless hours to building up their perfect camming businesses. Everything still functions perfectly and you’ll be able to make any purchase if you wish to get the hottest gals.

    Although Cunt Empire has been abandoned, Hooligapps has lots of other raunchy games that players can enjoy.

    Cunt Wars is their most known game and it’s packed to the brim with sexy magical babes fighting on the battlefield.

    It also contains a PVP mode so players have a lot more possibilities to interact with one another.

    How to Progress Quickly In This Game

    clicking fast in cunt empire

    No matter how hard the game may seem, if you’re dedicated to winning you’ll be able to finish the story and obtain everything. What I’d suggest doing is focusing on upgrading the wealthier chicks that earn money slower but in big quantities.

    At first, you’ll have to hire the cheap camgirl and upgrade her, but once you’ve got a nice stack of cash ready to spend it’s best to do it on higher-earning babes.

    The rest of the game is simple, you just need time and patience and you’ll eventually have enough to purchase everything and enjoy the rewards.

    My actual strategy is to hire as many girls as you can, click with their idle click and only click on the girls who generate the most income, at the start the bottom box will always give you the most money as it's the first you unlock multiple women for, after that it's the top box. Next level up women every time you have enough coins available. Do these two things and you'll progress super quick.

    Everything Else There Is To Know About Cunt Empire

    hentai scene from cunt empire

    System Requirments: The latest version of your browser. 

    Platforms: Browser only, but I've tried on browsers on my phones, tablets, PC and mac and it works pretty well on all of them.

    Privacy: Playing via the official website is the best place to play as you can be sure of safety and privacy as you will only receive an email when signing up. 

    Cost: Free to play and easy to play without having to spend any money.

    Are there cheats: There are cheats to be found out there, however, I do not recommend searching for these. 

    Are there DLCs: No, this game is no longer in production so we can't expect any either. 

    Time To Complete the Game: You can spend hours mindlessly on this game, I clocked in almost 50hrs without even realizing it! I would average it out at being between 50-80 hours to complete. 

    How Does It Match Up:

    Sexual Meter

    My Gameplay Footage From Cunt Empire

    My Verdict

    9.6 out of 10

    Incremental games that focus on building some sort of business can be easily found, but even with all of its little flaws Cunt Empire is one of the greatest in the genre.

    If you can ignore the fact that it’s been discontinued and that there is tons of grinding, you’re going to have a blast with this game.

    Whether you’re in it for the gripping story and the business aspect of things or the hentai and sex scenes, Cunt Empire has everything you need to be immersed and satisfied.

    I've been an avid gamer for the past 20 years and been heavily involved in playing and even creating adult games for the past 10 years. I now focus on reviewing, testing and doing play throughs of all the adult games I can get my hands on.

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