32 Best Dating Sim Games That Will Make You Fall In Love

Dating simulators are everywhere in the gaming world, they are a great way to live out some of your most erotic fantasies. They can bring you new possibilities, immerse you in a world unlike your own, a chance to be someone else and meet other people who you would never be able to encounter in the real world. Dating sims can be cute, fun, and casual, they can put you in a complete fantasy land where you meet otherworldly creatures that are all horny and aching to date, they can also put you in a thriving environment, one where you must manage dating, sleeping with complicated chicks, and running successful businesses. There are so many different varieties of dating sims that it can be hard to suit everyone’s needs but we are confident that this list of the very best dating simulators that we have tried, tested, and loved is going to make everyone, no matter what kind of dating sim gamer you are, very happy and very satisfied.

Playing a dating sim is one of my favorite game genres to use to blow off a little steam every now and again, I can get lost in them and be fully aroused in a completely different and immersive world.

In order of my least played to my most played dating sims, with the last 5 being the absolute best and ones we would recommend again and again for any kind of dating sim player, this list is going to keep you very happy and very entertained. If you have any questions about any of these games, feel free to leave them in the comment section below! Happy dating!

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32. Pocket Waifu

Where you can play it: Nutaku, Steam

Developer: JNT

Casual and sexy, this popular adult game has you date and seduce 14 different hot waifus. It’s similar to owning a Tamagotchi, you must feed your waifu, entertain them, and give them love and affection, they’ll be happier and you’ll get to unlock the steamy hentai sex scenes that are available. Not only do you seduce your waifu, but you also get to follow the storyline that shows you more about your girls and other exciting and erotic twists.

31. Fetish Locator (Week One – Three)

Where you can play it: Itch, Steam

Developer: ViNovella Games

In college and horny, you play as a student who has found yourself on the Fetish Locator app where you’re hoping to find love, sex, romance, and exploration. Meet and match with hot women and follow the story that entirely depends on the choices that you make, date, and find yourself in many compromising positions as you enjoy incredible and realistic sex scenes with the hot babes you seduce and decide to fuck.

30. Master of the Earth: Reborn

Where You Can Play: Nutaku, Itch

Developer: IndianaTK

Mastering your magical abilities and escaping your captors, it’s time for you to use your magic and once again do as you like as you roam this visual novel game, meeting hot babes, seducing, and dating them whenever you feel like it. With romance options, extremely high-quality animations, and a unique magic system, this game has you immersed in a world filled with sex, fantasy, and women who you can make do anything with your magic abilities.

29. Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~

Where you can play it: Nutaku, Steam

Developer: Smee

A visual novel dating simulator with one of the most romantic storylines, we have come across. Date, seduce, and conquer the women you meet, all equally as interesting and adorable. These girls are animated with unique romcom dialogues and interesting quirks, you must navigate them and enjoy their company as you find yourself a girlfriend. It’s a girlfriend simulator at its core, with lots of love, romance, and cute characters.

28. Fap CEO

Where you can play it: Nutaku

Developer: BoomBox Games

This free game is not one to be missed, a casual clicker dating sim with so many twists and interesting plots. Run your very own video-chat empire, hire girls, sell items, build better studios, level up your girls, and date them too as you show them affection and interest and in turn, enjoy hot sex scenes and plenty of women falling for you. Fast-paced and exciting, this game will; have you running a successful business in no time at all and you will be reaping the rewards of money and lots of sex.

27. Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker

Where you can play it: Steam

Developer: Magic Notion Ltd

A funny and exciting dating simulator awaits, this game has you managing your very own matchmaking agency, one where clients come through the door and you must match them up with the right kind of date, guide them through it, and hopefully guide them into the arms of love as you use your skills to ensure your dates are a match. Make a name for yourself in the industry and find yourself with top-ranking clients on your books too and make sure to impress.

26. House Party

Where you can play it: Nutaku, Itch , Steam

Developer: Eek Games LLC

Every decision you make in this game changes your story and changes your outcome. This game is a story-rich 3D adventure game that is all about your choices, with something different every time you play. With so many characters to interact with, ventures to go on, people to meet, and responsive items to enjoy. One wrong move can change everything, date, talk, meet, and enjoy this fun and entertaining game with so many endings and possibilities, that it’s impossible to keep track.

25. Sunrider: Academy

Where you can play it: Nutaku, Steam

Developer: Love In Space

Balance your student life as well as take on responsibilities as a club manager, this visual novel dating sim has you navigating life as a busy student in need of a girlfriend, hot hentai girls, and all possible dates fill your screen and you must not get distracted too easily as you have a work to get done. This game is story-rich with engaging artwork visuals, plenty of fun and so many characters to meet and enjoy. Can you balance life and getting a girlfriend in this fun and erotic game?

24. Cinderella Phenomenon

Where you can play it: Steam, Itch

Developer: Dicesuki

A creative spin on a classic fairytale, this visual novel game progresses, depending on the choices you make, with 5 pursuable bachelors, over 10 different endings, side quests, and side characters, this game is packed with story, it’s immersive and entertaining as well as making each bachelor unique and a possible love interest. Play again and again to enjoy the different twists to this tale and find your prince charming.

23. Some Some Convenience Store

Where you can play it: Steam

Developer: TALESSHOPCo, Ltd

Whilst working part-time at a convenience store you download an app and instantly match with some hotties, you must now choose who you want to be with, each girl is different and each takes you down a different route. Work part-time as you date and enjoy these girls as well as balancing your own life too. A dating simulator with a juicy story, that will take you into a world of pleasure and delight.

22. Fuck Me!

Where you can play it: Nutaku

Developer: BooB Ball

This highly realistic 3D game is a dating simulator that will take your love interest to a new level. Date, fuck, and enjoy your cute new date and do as she says as you navigate her exceptionally horny mind, sexually deviant requests, and smoking hot body. This game isn’t for the faint-hearted as you jerk off and revel in having your very own highly sexually and horny animated girlfriend.

21. Zoey: My Hentai Sex Doll

Where you can play it: Nutaku, Steam

Developer: NSFW18 Games

A hentai dating simulator that has you meeting Zoey, a hot and horny girl who just aims to please you. Please her and seduce her but don’t outstay your welcome, you can also use the creative mode to have free reign of Zoey and use her as your very own personal hentai sex doll. With customizations available, voice acting, and mini-games to enjoy, this dating simulator game will give you some of the best orgasms of your life.

20. Custom Order Maid 3D2

Where you can play it: Nutaku, Steam

Developer: KISS

If you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like to wife up a naughty anime maid, Custom Order Maid 3D2 is just the game for you. This dating sim is designed for virtual reality and it has phenomenal graphics, which makes it incredibly easy to get immersed in the action. The story is quite simple yet gripping enough to keep you entertained for hours on end. What makes this game great are the visuals, voice actors, and erotic sex scenes. Not only are you able to put your dream hentai maid in a plethora of positions, but you can also customize her and put her in the raciest lingerie your mind can think of.

19. Hentai Crush

Where you can play it: Nutaku, Steam

Developer: Mature Games

There’s nothing better than a simple dating sim that has amazing hentai art, and Hentai Crush is one of them. This game’s got an extremely straightforward plot that’s easy to understand and doesn’t require too much thinking. Gameplay consists of flirting, chatting, purchasing gifts, and playing puzzles, after which you’ll be rewarded with spicy hentai. Although the game’s simple it’s still extremely entertaining and since the graphics and visual art are phenomenal, it’s difficult to get bored of it. Begin your adventure that’s full of curvy schoolgirls, maids, bikini chicks, and many more completely uncensored erotic ladies.

18. Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

Where you can play it: Itch, Steam

Developer: Game Grumps

If you’re in need of a daddy, Dream Daddy’s the best game for you. This dating simulator revolves around dating one of 7 handsome and amazing older men who are voiced by the famous Game Grumps. There are loads of secrets to uncover and multiple endings for each dad you fool around with, which makes the replayability amazing. Aside from its amazing graphics, the game also has a ton of mini-games you can play that’ll keep you entertained for hours on end with ease.

17. Booty Farm

Where you can play it: Nutaku, Steam

Developer: Tender Troupe

In this Android dating sim, you come in possession of an old farm which you quickly turn into a harem. The graphics and hentai artwork in this game are incredible, especially when combined with the gripping yet hilarious storyline. The overall gameplay revolves around managing the farm, and its animals and fooling around with hotties. There are different events that come with a lot of new hotties and they range from college and new year parties to stepsisters and camgirls. Besides being available on mobile, the game can also be played straight from your Desktop browser.

16. Love & Sex: Second Base

Where you can play it: Nutaku, Itch, Steam

Developer: Andreaalphus Games

If you like having choices and free-roaming, this dating sim is the perfect match for you. In this adventure, you’re able to choose whether you’re a man or woman as well as how you deal with the wide array of beautiful characters you come across. You can freely roam the wonderful world to flirt, and buy gifts and racy lingerie for the hotties. They each have unique voice lines and lovely bodies, and you’ll get to choose whether you’ll act like a douche, Chad, or a good guy to them. There are tons of sex scenes, events, locations, dating pots, dateable characters, and over 20 different endings, so head on over and start your journey.

15. Super Seducer 3: Uncensored Edition

Where you can play it: Nutaku, Itch

Developer: RLR Training Inc

This dating sim is based on real characters who are acting out a juicy story that’s full of sex and dark humor. The gameplay revolves around watching the story unfold, and as it does you’ll have multiple choices to make that all lead to a unique path and ending. The game’s available in 7 languages, the models in them are breathtaking and the character you play can have some surprisingly funny jokes that aren’t common in games of this high quality.

14. Bachelor Life

Where you can play it: Nutaku, Itch

Developer: Crafty Game Lab

Bachelor Life is a combination of a dating sim and a sex simulator that’s full of fun and interactive mini-games. The story focuses on a single guy who’ll do anything to seduce ladies, whether it be hunting, fishing, witchcraft, and much more. You’re in control of the decisions that can be made and not all of them lead to a successful outcome, so you’ll have to be immersed in order to win the hottie over. There are 6 beautiful women to fool around with, all of which have unique skins and animations that you can see during the intense sex scenes that you can control.

13. Our Life: Beginnings & Always

Where you can play it: Itch, Steam

Developer: GB Patch Games

This lovely dating sim takes place in four different stages of the characters’ lives, from childhood to old age. Unlike other adventures where the journey is full of regret, cheating, and anxiety, this story’s extremely wholesome and will fill your heart with joy. The game functions similarly to any other visual novel where you make decisions while having conversations, but you can also customize your personality, feelings, genders, and names. The graphics are amazing and the love interest grows as you play, which will immerse you with ease.

12. Find Love or Die Trying

Where you can play it: Itch, Steam

Developer: Auden Choo-Wong

Find Love or Die Trying revolves around a dating show that takes place on a tropical island where you’ll have seven days to find the woman of your dreams, or else you’ll be eliminated. This free-to-play visual novel has 8 unique endings and an original story that’s filled with beautiful women, backgrounds, and overall great graphics. There are 6 women that you can seduce, all of whom have unique looks and personalities that range from fun and bubbly to mysterious and destructive. The art style isn’t focused on realistic characters and the stunning girls you’ll be interacting with are drawn in the classic hentai style.

11. GreedyHole

Where you can play it: Nutaku

Developer: Happenis

In this simulation dating sim, you’ll be in control of your perfect woman who’ll do whatever it takes to satisfy your needs. There’s not much dialogue to be had, except for the real and seductive moaning sounds you’ll hear as you have sex. There are over 170 animations and a plethora of juicy animated sex scenes that you can fool around with. What makes this game great are the ultra-realistic graphics that make the beautiful lady look so real that you’ll be immersed within seconds of playing with her lovely body.

10. Booty Calls

Where you can play it: Nutaku

Developer: 3x Entertainment

Booty Calls is a phenomenal dating sim that’s full of beautiful women you can interact with and entertaining puzzles. In the lustful story, you’re tasked with retrieving a plethora of items for Andriella, the gorgeous mermaid who’s aching to live a normal life outside of the sea. To do so you’ll have to flirt, chat, and seduce a ton of hotties that inhabit the beach, cafes, restaurants, and many more areas of the city. The game’s fully uncensored so expect to see some of the hottest hentai scenes in their full beauty. Best of all, the game’s available on Android and Desktop for free, so head on over and start your adventure today!

9. Wagamama High Spec

Where you can play it: Nutaku, Steam

Developer: Madosoft

Wagamama High Spec is often considered to be one of the greatest visual novel dating sims for its gripping story and amazing hentai art. The plot is centered around Narumi Kouki, a young student who secretly creates racy manga in his free time. His secret is quickly uncovered by one of his friends, and soon a small group of people, including his sister, know what he’s up to but don’t want to out his secret to everyone. The game’s full of lustful scenarios that are oftentimes filled with comedy and romance, and thanks to the amazing artwork you’ll be immersed in it with ease.

8. If My Heart Had Wings

Where you can play it: Steam

Developer: MoeNovel

In this animated visual novel, you’ll set off on a journey in the role of Aoi Minase and meet tons of girls with whom you’ll have a plethora of funny and erotic experiences. Although the majority of the game is that of a visual novel, you will have choices to make when dating beautiful girls. There are five different characters you can fool around with and all of them have unique stories that branch off into amazing endings. The phenomenal voice acting, graphics, and interesting activities you’ll get into make the game incredibly immersive and perfect for those who are looking for a wonderful story that takes place in a small Japanese town.

7. Summertime Saga

Where you can play it: Itch, Erogames

Developer: Kompas Production

The adventure of Summertime Saga takes place in a small town where you’re able to explore and meet tons of beautiful women. Aside from the visual novel elements, this dating sim also has interesting puzzles that make the gameplay much more interesting than the rest in this genre. On top of there being 20+ mini-games, the game’s filled with a wide array of kinks and fetishes that you’ll come across while seducing the hotties you interact with. This free-to-play dating sim is available on both Android and Desktop, which makes it easy to get back from where you left off in seconds.

6. 3dxChat

Where you can play it: 3dxChat

Developer: SexGameDevil

What separates 3dxChat from the rest of the dating sims is that it’s multiplayer which gives players the ability to interact with one another. The graphics of this game are very realistic thanks to the wonderful 3D models and the environmental details. Aside from exploring the world, playing Spin the Bottle, going to strip clubs and other activities, you can also decorate your room with a wide array of furniture and items. Although it’s an online VR game, there are also NPC characters that have some phenomenal stories that’ll immerse you in the fantasy world of 3dxChat.

5. Seed of the Dead

Where you can play it: Nutaku, Steam

Developer: TeamKRAMA

If you’re in need of some action-packed combat, Seed of the Dead will fulfill your needs with ease. This first-person shooter is full of amazing gunplay, which you’ll get to experience as you battle your way through a wide array of zombies as you seek shelter. On top of having phenomenal graphics, the game also has dating sim elements as you’ll meet a plethora of beautiful anime babes during your adventure. When you’re not shooting and killing zombies, you’ll be interacting with the hottest babes imaginable and enjoying perfectly animated sex scenes with them.

4. Making Lovers

Where you can play it: Nutaku, Steam

Developer: NekoNyan

In this beautiful combination of a visual novel and a dating sim, you’re put in the role of a young man who always wanted to have a girlfriend. Now that you’re older, you’ll have much more knowledge and meet a ton of girls as you explore the city. Although there are a ton of similar dating sims, what separates this one from the rest are its graphics and amazingly written dialogues. All of the scenes, whether they’re sweet and wholesome or sexual and raunchy are stunningly drawn and easy to get immersed into. The game’s graphics are in the style of racy hentai, which works best as it’s incredibly hard to create believable characters using realistic 3D models.

3. Crush Crush Moist & Uncensored

Where you can play it: Nutaku

Developer: SPS Games

Despite not having the best graphics on the list, Crush Crush still has some amazing artwork and an amazing story that’ll hook you in within seconds of playing. This dating sim has over 20 beautiful women, and new ones are being added steadily so you can spend hours on end playing it. Since the game works even while you’re not playing, you can manage your time according to your play style. As you flirt, date, purchase gifts, work and explore hobbies, you’ll get closer to the ladies, and sooner or later you’ll be taking them to your bedroom where you’ll be rewarded with spicy hentai art that you’ll want to revisit on a daily basis.

2. Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll

Where you can play it: Nutaku

Developer: Soviet Games

Although dating sims and visual novels can be found in every corner of the internet, none come close to Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll. This game’s story focuses on a young Soviet man who’s studying in Japan, but things soon take a turn once he realizes that there are some hidden secrets in his family’s past. The plot is incredibly captivating and consists of over half a million words, which goes to show how much content there really is. There are four beautiful heroines that you’ll interact with, and each has its own storyline and multiple endings. Since there are so many options and the game’s mesmerizing, you’ll want to play over and over until you’ve uncovered all the different endings you could have gotten in your first run.

1. Huniepop

Where you can play it: Nutaku, Steam

Developer: HuniePot

No dating sim deserves the number one spot as much as Huniepop does. There are two series of the game, both of which have breathtaking art, gripping storylines, and entertaining puzzles to play through. The game begins as you meet Kyu, the adorable pink-haired love fairy who wants to help you achieve your dreams of getting laid. With her help, you’ll be flirting and seducing beautiful chicks with ease, which leads to some of the hottest sex scenes you can find in the industry. Aside from puzzles and reading stories, each girl you encounter has unique personalities, interests, and a ton of other quirks that you can use to your advantage. Purchase gifts, go on dates, and most importantly, enjoy the beautiful hentai art that both Huniepop and Huniepop 2 have to offer.

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