My Fake Lay Review After Spending 48+ Hours Playing It


Fake Lay is kinda like the fake taxi of the gaming world. The game is a lot of fun, is really sexual, and is top tier for a free to play. Fake Lay plays a lot like a career-building sim, so if you enjoy that kind of gameplay mixed with porno-style imagery and storyline then you should totally check it out. It is one of my current favorite free-to-play games and even though you sometimes do get time locked if you don't buy into the game, with a few smart skills you can play the game through without to many issues.


  • The artwork is incredible and so seductive
  • The sexual content is a lot of fun and good for jerking too.
  • There is a huge variety of animated female models, there really is something for anyone’s type.
  • It’s a great game for playing in the background and is really fun when you’re not held back by in-game energy.
  • There is a lot of playing before you’ll get bored, the game just keeps going on and if you enjoy idle clickers you can easily spend 10, 20, 50, or even a thousand hours playing, so that does say something about the gameplay and its enjoyability.
  • The diamonds are earnable (not quickly), but it’s always good when you can earn the paid currency without always having to buy it.


  • The game is more pay-to-play than I usually enjoy. It is playable without paying, but you have to follow a strategy and trade time for progression in a way that can feel a little harsh, however,, the cost to move isn’t crazy, and if you buy the right things it fixes that issue.
  • It can be quite unforgiving if you don’t play it right, things like the reset and time warp are must-knows and the game doesn’t really promote them or tell you about them clearly.
How Many Hours Of This Game I've Played:

Quick Facts:

Where to play: My favorite place is Nutaku, where you get a signup bonus of 200 free coins when joining, it also keeps all your lewd games in one place and saves all your progress, plus you get discounts all the time on Nutaku which in-turn gives you coins that you can spend in any of these games, the other place is steam, just remember this game will be in your public library of games and finally it's also on erogames.

Developer: Endless Fun made this game, this is one of the first games I've heard of from this studio, They also created Men Bang that I haven't played, but I really hope they make more adult games in the future.

Genre: Idle Clicker, Resource Management, Career Builder, Harem, Free To Play, Mobile Game

Language: English, German, Russian, Japanese, English, Polski, and Spanish.

Cheats: There aren’t any cheats for this game.


    I have been playing this game on and off for over a year, it’s arguably one of the most popular idle click games and has become one of my favorite free games to play.

    I’ve been looking forward to doing this deep dive into the all-famous lewd game, fake lay. I’ll be putting in all my 20 years of gaming and 10 years of adult gaming experience to give you everything you need to enjoy and play this game to the max, along with a few discounts and some strategies that will help you progress 10x quicker!

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    What Is This Game All About?

    cherry from fake lay next to her heart rating

    Fake Lay is about a porn producer who starts by seducing women who need a ride, he gets pleasure and he also gets to start selling their sexy porn films.

    You have to seduce and keep your girls happy, the happier they are the more you will progress and the more porn you’ll be able to make and the more successful that porn will be, meaning more money to impress your harem of hot women.

    There are lots of mini-games that are usually click-based too and the story flows through erotic and appealing cut scenes.

    Cost/Business Model:

    The game is free, however, it does move a lot quicker if you pay money. I’d say it’s completely playable for free but definitely encourages a little spending to play it with a good rhythm and without much waiting.

    I’d say there are things you can do to speed up this casual dating simulator game and make it so you don’t have to pay a thing, I talk about them in the strategy section below.

    The game's business model is for you to get hooked and want to get to the next scene/progress a hottie to the point where you see all her holes, this can make you want to pay for diamonds which will massively increase your level-up speed.

    In-Game Promotions:

    Sometimes in a game, there is a sign-up bonus or special offers on in-game currencies especially for beginners. At the moment 350 diamonds will set you back around 30 bucks which aren't too bad considering the progression you get from having those diamonds.

    Getting cheaper in-game currencies:

    You have a 'first purchase discount' that is pretty amazing but isn’t as good as the starter pack that gets promoted to you when you first join, once you purchase the starter pack you can’t take advantage of the 'first purchase' discount, so it’s best to get the first pay discount, then the starter pack afterward to really get your monies worth.

    How do I take advantage of the offers?

    Sign up to Nutaku (Get 200 free coins) > Buy the diamond deal and take advantage of having a discount for your first purchase > Once you have secured that discount move on to the starter pack special offer.

    Doing that will cost you, but will set the game up in a way where you will not notice pay-to-play issues. It is not needed, it’s just the best deal.

    Deal Tip: if you are going to purchase diamonds and there’s a holiday coming up or a deal day like Black Friday, wait, there is usually a big discount.

    My Actual Experience When I Played Fake Lay (The Review)

    Cherry in seductive pose in the back of the taxi next to her love meter in fake lay

    I’ve played this game for a really long time, it kind of gave me the same buzz as hentai clickers, but it has a little bit of a longer life in terms of the animated sexual content.

    In lamen terms, this game is easier to beat your meat too as the scenes are quick and easy to earn and the artwork is really hot and varied with there being a great selection of women to join your harem collection.

    Now for me, this game is a background game, without paying it can take quite a long time to progress through and the real issue starts when you lose energy (usually the case in a lot of the free games I’ve played), if you don’t want to pay for a boost of energy, you can find yourself waiting around a lot. There’s also an issue with a lot of things taking up time, when you first join the time isn't an issue and doesn’t stop the fun, but if you don’t get a time warp or do a 'reset this' (or both) the time starts really adding up.

    That’s why for me it became a game where I’d keep it open on my phone while I work/do other things and then I’d collect what I needed to fully enjoy the game.

    The crazy thing about this game is the hours you can put into it, I’m not sure how it’s so easy to spend 5 hours on this game, but it is and those 5 hours add up.

    The ceiling for completing this game is crazy, I’ve seen people with 2-3k hours of playing time that still are playing and have things to do, which should show you just how addictive this game can be and how it never really ends.

    They do also update the game frequently and even after a few years the game gets new challenges, women, and things to do most months.

    The Best Fake Lay Game Strategy

    diamond currency from fake lay

    my time warp strategy for fake lay

    This is what saved me a lot of time, I learned this on my 3rd playthrough.

    Configure your diamond spend to 1 in the menu settings on the second page, which stops you from accidentally spending diamonds during the tutorial and while learning the game.

    Secondly, do not spend diamonds, wait until you understand the game, it’s easy to start spending the ones you have on things that speed up tasks but that’s a massive waste of the currency and you’ll regret it like, as I did.

    The first things to spend diamonds on is a 'Time Warp', then you can use it for studios and finally, once you have a good idle system use it for energy. The time warp is the most important purchase, try to get the 8x, it will speed up the game like no other perk and is a perk that is hidden and not really talked about for how powerful it is.

    The best way to make diamonds in-game is to get to the girl's last scene to payout 20 diamonds. Reaching a rank in a challenge also gives you diamonds, you can also get them during the campaign, unlocking girls and by using rewards, so check out the rewards and see what the easiest and biggest diamond pays are.

    On your first play-through, learn the game, then you will need to reset your progress, by clicking the clock, this will give you a massive speed increase and make the game a lot faster, do this with the time warp and you will not be held back at all, you can then do this again after playing the game for a while, the reset does perform differently every time you do it and it’s not as powerful as the first few times you use it, so bear that in mind.

    All The Info You Need To Know About Fake Lay

    System Requirments: Any pc built even over the last 10 years should play this just fine, my old Android phone plays it without issue, so any computer, most tablets, and phones should work great with this game. 

    Platforms: Works on every platform really well, it’s a pretty flawless game in terms of playability and works on any Windows, Mac, Android, and phone I’ve played it on. It’s actually great fun playing click games on touch screens, it makes progression much quicker too (just a heads up).

    Privacy: If you get this game on Nutaku you'll be fine, as it's completely private, steam is a little risky as it will go on your games played list.

    Safety: The game is safe to play on Nutaku and Steam and is 100% virus free on these platforms like all the games that are on both of these sites.

    Cost: Free to play (the business model is below), it is 100% playable without spending money but is on the harder side of free to play where it sometimes feels like paying makes the experience a lot easier and better.

    Are there DLCs: There is currently no DLC or plans to have a DLC for this game.

    Time To Complete the game: You could play this game for hundreds if not thousands of hours, there's no limit and you can see that on Steam reviews with people who have over 14 thousand hours playing this game. It's very addictive and one of the best free-to-play games I've played. 

    How Does It Match Up:

    Sexual Meter

    My Verdict

    8.4 out of 10

    All around this is a worthwhile free-to-play adult game. The highs are awesome, the idle clicking is fun and the resource management makes it feel like the game has more meaning.

    It could be a tiny bit easier to play for free and the tutorial could explain the reset and time warp better. As an idle clicker, it’s one of my favorites and I’d definitely recommend playing it, you just need to give it about 20 – 30 minutes and you’ll be able to know if this is the type of game you could play and if you make it past that there’s a good chance you’ll be hooked.

    I've been an avid gamer for the past 20 years and been heavily involved in playing and even creating adult games for the past 10 years. I now focus on reviewing, testing and doing play throughs of all the adult games I can get my hands on.

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