Get My Nudes Review, Gameplay Footage, and Discount Cheat


If you enjoy a hot and sexual chat, you'll love Get my nudes, it's a realistic dating simulator with a Tinder-style interface, you can select your favorite girls and begin talking to them, learning their kinks, their erotic stories, and their unique personalities while eventually seducing them enough to receive their hot, uncensored pictures and videos (which feels so good by the way!).

Featuring real pornstars and hot women, there is somebody to suit everybody. It's a realistic RPG with arousing and exciting opportunities to chat with these hotties, thanks to the visual novel aspect of this game. It feels as if you're really communicating with a horny chick, looking for some fun.

The texts are so realistic and when a girl shares her stories with you, it's almost as if she knows exactly what to say to get you off. It's an exciting and casual game that's fun to play when you want to let off steam and jerk off to some realistic sexts and raunchy pictures and videos.


  • Stunning girls
  • Entertaining dialogue
  • Free to play
  • Exclusive photos and videos
  • Unique stories for each girl
  • Realistic chat
  • Interactive gameplay
  • Seductive texts
  • Casual
  • Uncensored


  • Microtransactions are necessary if you want to unlock more content. Get's to a point where you feel like you have to pay in order to see images and videos and the cost is really high.
  • Expensive store (although you can get discounts using the advice just below the pros and cons)
  • Sexting is the main element of this game there is no other plot or story mode
How Many Hours Of This Game I've Played:

Quick Facts:

Where to play: Nutaku is the best place to play this game as you can get 200 free coins by joining here, plus can take advantage of other discounts and keep all of your games in one place too. You can also play via the official website.

Developer: Gethins Limited.

Genre: Casual dating simulator. Sext Messages. Tinder Simulator.

Language: English.

Discount and Promo Codes for Get My Nudes: You can get discounts as you join by going to the shop and purchasing a package and you can get more the longer you play and the more you complete. You can also get a discount if you play it through Nutaku as you get 200 coins on signing up and can join their monthly subscription and save up to 25% on the cost of games and in-game transactions, plus you get other sexy prizes. You can also get discounts by joining their discord and enabling push notifications. There's also a promo code page but I wasn't able to find any codes that worked, will update this if I do.


    Getting a hottie to send her nudes while dating online can be extremely tough, but luckily Get My Nudes makes the process quick and simple. These aren’t regular girls though, as most of them are pornstars and amateur chicks that are desperate to be swooned off their feet and get naughty. In this review, we’ll take a good look at what this dating sim has to offer.

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    What Is Get My Nudes?

    breakdown of get my nudes

    Get My Nudes is a very unique dating sim that focuses on actual photos of real hotties instead of making animations. In order for the game to be interesting, each girl must have a gripping story and a unique personality. Thankfully the developers behind the game have done an amazing job at making every chick stand out from the rest, especially in the way they flirt.

    While playing you’ll come across a wide array of beautiful women, all of which are real people you can find online. Since they’re real and not animated, being immersed whilst chatting is extremely easy. If nudes are all you care about, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a plethora of them. Even though there are tons of naked babes, you must first successfully flirt and tease them until they give in to your charm. This is much easier said than done, but luckily the game’s got a lot of items to help you out.

    The game itself is free to play, but there’s an in-game shop that greatly improves your chance of getting hot nudes. These come in the form of gems, and the cheapest option will set you back $5 but you can buy in bulk for $99.99 as well. With gems, you’re able to purchase flowers, perfumes, and diamond rings to improve the girl’s attitude toward you. The most important factor is the nudes, which in total cost $5 per hottie. You can still gain spicy pictures for free but none of them will be completely nude and in the best poses.

    When it comes to the gameplay, this game is not much different from other dating sims in the sense that your only job is to click through the dialogue. What separates Get My Nudes from others is how well-written the chats are and how fun it is to get to know the chick’s personalities while talking to them. The more you play the more you learn about what gets them in a naughty mood, which is a perfect time to ask for nudes.

    Although cheat codes aren’t available in-game, there are plenty of websites that offer cracked APK versions of Get My Nudes that have everything unlocked. Although this option exists, it’s risky to download as they come from third-party websites that most likely contain a lot of malware that puts your data and PC or mobile device in danger. It’s understandable that some people seek these options as the prices are somewhat extreme and a lot of the times are time microtransactions are necessary to get high-quality nudes.

    My No BS Opinion & Review Of Get My Nudes

    text convo with lana

    Since I’m a sucker for dating sims, I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to play one that doesn’t revolve around animations. The first thing I noticed upon entering the game was the interface, which is almost a copy of Tinder. Because I used the app before, I knew how to swipe and chat with babes, but if you’re not acquainted with it the developers have put in valuable tips that pop up for beginners.

    Gripping dialogue with amazing rewards

    The most important element of a dating sim is the dialogue, and luckily Get My Nudes does an amazing job of immersing the player. After swiping right on a gorgeous babe, the chat box will almost instantly get opened up. From then on you have various chat options, which will inevitably lead the conversation to a much more raunchier topic. Throughout the chat, you’ll often be rewarded with cute pictures, but once you do get to the spicy nude you’ll have to cash out $5.

    You don’t have to if you don’t wish to proceed, so if you’re not interested in purchasing simply scroll on to the next chick. Pictures that I’ve received are mostly in very teasing and seductive positions and all of them are of breathtaking women. Beauty might be subjective, but there’s no hiding the fact that Get My Nudes has the best photos of naked women I’ve seen in a dating sim.

    How You Can Play This Game To Win

    Your main goal in Get My Nudes is to figure out what kind of girl you’re dealing with. Now, in real life that might be hard but this game is pretty simple to understand. Paying attention to the emotes you receive is crucial, as they’ll show you whether or not you’re going on the right path. If you receive hearts and positive emotes make sure to keep that same attitude throughout your future messages since failing to flirt can set you back.

    I personally am not a fan of having to pay to receive nudes, but luckily the developer has made a bit of a mistake. For each chick you chat with, you can open up their page and read their naughty bio. Alongside the bio, you can also check out all the pictures she’s exchanged with you, even the ones you have to pay for. So when you do get to the paywall, simply exit, open the babe’s bio page, and click on the nude to see it in full view uncensored. I’m not sure how long this will exist in the game, but I’ve played for quite some time and it’s still available.

    Everything Else You Need To Know Before You Play Get My Nudes

    girl photos you're sent over text on get my nudes

    System Requirments: All browsers are compatible just be sure they are up to date with the latest version, for Android, Android Marshmallow 7.0 or later is required. For me it's worked on anything I've played it on, it is a really easy game to play and you shouldn't have any problem with any of your devices.

    Platforms: PC and Mobile browsers as well as downloadable on Android, and playable on most tablets.

    Privacy: Nutaku is a great place to play this game as you receive an email when signing up but your library remains private (unless you give your password to someone!). 

    Cost: Free to play with in game transactions that can make it feel a little pay to play as there's not many ways to make the currency or play through the game that aren't heavy on time and waiting for rechages.

    Are there cheats: There are no known safe cheats for this game, but there are discounts that are mentioned above that do make the game much easier to play through.

    Are there DLCs: No, however, there is no content released each week, meaning more unseen girls and texts. 

    Time To Complete the game: It's a very casual game so be prepared to log anywhere from 5-20 hours, but there is some fun in going back and re-reading the stories and looking at the images and videos.

    How Does It Match Up:

    Sexual Meter

    My Gameplay Footage From Get My Nudes

    My Verdict

    7.4 out of 10

    I’m not a fan of games with such a strong focus on microtransactions, but Get My Nudes is too good not to try out for free. There are still ways to have a lot of fun with the dialogue and without seeing the entire naked photos. If chatting in dating sims is what you’re looking for, Get My Nudes is a good choice. Although there are games in the genre with free uncensored nudity, they’re mostly of animated characters or in low quality, so if you’re willing to spend a few bucks this game will satisfy your needs with ease.

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