Strip Club Tycoon Review (My Strategy, Secrets & Overall Experience)


A free-to-play casual business simulation game with a ton of uncensored and steamy sex scenes and stories. The main objective of this lustful and fun game is to run your very own successful strip club with a narrative story that keeps you on your toes with its twists and turns that keep your attention firmly on becoming the greatest business tycoon and enjoying the hot stripper babes that come your way.

Upgrade your strip club, your girls, and their skills for the ultimate strip club experience, keep your loyal customers happy, and enjoy the naughty action that goes on behind closed doors between the staff of your intimate club.


  • Great narrative plot
  • Business simulation
  • Lengthy gameplay
  • Countless decorations
  • Free to play
  • Upgrade your club
  • 40+ characters to unlock
  • Mini-games available
  • Run and manage your own strip club
  • Raunchy stripper sex scenes


  • A lot of grinding
  • Pricey microtransactions
  • Only available in English
  • Higher tier customers are more abundant and harder to please
How Many Hours Of This Game I've Played:

Quick Facts:

Where to play: I searched and I think Nutaku is the only place to play Strip club tycoon, there might be other places but this is the only legit one from what I can see. Plus if you go play it on Nutaku you can get 200 free coins (just sign up here for 200 free coins)

Developer:  Evil Twin Games.

Genre: Strategy, management, business building, base building.

Language: English

Cost: This game is free to play with in game transactions, but you really don't need to pay to play, and the grind is more fun than some of the other good free to play adult games out there.


    Does the idea of owning a strip club and making tons of money while doing so sound interesting? If so then Strip Club Tycoon is a perfect game that will let you experience the pleasure of making the best club in town. Inside this review, you’ll discover everything there is to know about the game and all of its lustful characters.

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    What Is Strip Club Tycoon?

    what a beginner strip club looks like in strip club tycoon

    Strip Club Tycoon is a casual base-building game that focuses on making it big in the stripping industry. Jo Fella is the first character you meet, and you’re in charge of helping his first club in town become a success. In order to turn that dream into a reality you’ll need to hire the best barmaids, strippers, bouncers, and pimp out your club to the best of your abilities. While doing so you’re rewarded with 40+ amazingly written stories and 70+ hardcore uncensored sex images.

    When it comes to adult-oriented games, sexual elements oftentimes are what keep the audience engaged. Strip Club Tycoon is different in the sense that there are phenomenal nude pictures straight from the get-go, but the game would be fun to play even without them. Gameplay wise the game’s very intuitive and follows the same path that other base builders do. You earn money, hire better employees, purchase more equipment and drinks, and even new properties.

    The game is completely free to play, but it does contain a large in-game store with a plethora of microtransactions. These often include cash, tokens, speed-ups, and cards and to purchase them you’ll need gold. Gold can be bought on the official Nutaku website and is used for any of the games the website publishes. Oftentimes you’ll see the game be updated and new events pop up that introduce new items, characters, and sales.

    Although microtransactions exist, the game's not pay-to-win so progressing is possible without ever stepping foot in the store. Sure it may take a bit longer, but the game doesn’t run on an energy system so you can play 24/7 and achieve all of the rewards with ease. When it comes to purchases, they can range anywhere from $1 to $300, depending on what you’re looking to buy. In general, bundles are the most expensive, but they do contain a wide array of items within them.

    As far as cheats go, there are mentions of them on online forums but they’re unreliable and most often filled with malware. The only way to obtain all of the adult content is by actually playing the game and luckily Strip Club Tycoon is extremely entertaining. Although the game’s categorized as casual, hardcore gamers can grind as many in-game shifts at the club as they wish to in a day.

    My Experience Playing Strip Club Tycoon (Is It Worth It?)

    bj mini game from strip club tycoon

    When I first heard of a base building and time management game revolving around a strip club I couldn’t help but jump right in. I first realized my choice was great upon playing the first level and being amazed at the fluid gameplay. Everything from collecting cash from customers and serving them drinks to ordering the stripper to dance felt amazing to perform. Using the in-game tips was a necessity, as there’s simply too much information all at once, but luckily they’re easy to understand and intuitive to follow.

    An ungodly amount of decorations

    Even though I started the game for the sexual content, while playing I was mostly looking at the store for items to purchase. Money isn’t as easy to collect as I thought, so whenever I’d buy a new table, chair, or drink I felt as if my work paid off. This quickly made me immerse myself and look for new ways to profit and decorate the club so that more customers walk in. The beginning was somewhat slow, as there were not many customers to serve, but things got busy rather quickly and it’s easy to get overwhelmed when a group of people enters.

    Aside from the wide array of furniture and miscellaneous items, the store’s filled with spicy employees that you can hire and rank up. Understandably the hottest ones are the 34 breathtaking erotic dancers that do wonders on the pole. I personally loved going through the list of barmaids and strippers as they all have descriptions of their body proportions and a short story about their naughty escapades.

    Gripping stories and interactive scenes

    theesome scene from strip club tycoon

    No matter how great the hardcore uncensored pictures are, I still focused more on the character’s storyline. Before opening up your raunchy adult image reward I’d highly suggest reading the story behind the picture as all of them are extremely well written. On top of being great, they’re also quite lengthy considering the game’s mostly focused on seductive strippers and intense nude scenes.

    Speaking of scenes, while leveling up I was intrigued by the ability to interact with animated sex scenes. At first, I only thought images would be rewards, but I was glad that wasn’t the case since I think animations are the best way to improve an adult game. Despite them being a fun change of pace, I wasn’t that much of a fan of the animations, especially at the cumshot sequences. I know most people would enjoy them, which is why I had to mention them at least for a brief moment.

    My Strategy For Playing Strip Club Tycoon Effectively

    high level strip club in strip club tycoon

    Although everyone has their own playstyle that they’re comfortable with, I have some neat tips that I think everyone could benefit from. Whether your end goal is to make as much money as possible or seduce as many strippers, you’ll need to make your strip club the best first. The only way to do so is by playing, and I mean a lot. The game can be grinded constantly as all you have to do is start the shift and repeat the same routine over and over again.

    Mindless grinding might work at the start, but you’ll quickly realize that more things are needed to improve your cash balance. I’d suggest investing in chairs, tables, and the bar first as you’ll make the most by selling drinks. Whenever you have the chance you should order the stripper to get on stage, regardless of how many patrons are watching her. The final thing I’d suggest is to invest in a great team that consists of multiple barmaids, busboys, and dancers since they greatly improve the speed at which you satisfy the customer.

    The Info You Need To Know About Strip Club Tycoon

    staff sex cutscene from strip club tycoon

    System Requirments: This game is easily playable, requiring only an updated version of Windows 7 or later and a minimum of 2GB of RAM. 

    Platforms: Playable on IOS, android, and any browser. 

    Privacy: When signing up on Natuku you will receive an email, however, your game library itself is private unless somebody has your login details. 

    Are there cheats: There are cheats and mods that give you infinite money, these be found easily through a quick Google search, these are not recommended though as they can result in a perma ban and even viruses. 

    Are there DLCs: I was unable to find any DLC for this game, although developers do release updates, events, and bundles monthly. 

    Time To Complete the Game: This game is seemingly endless, with so much to do and a big stripper business to run. I played it for over 20 hours but other gamers have easily put in up to 50 hrs and are still not tired of it. 

    How Does It Match Up:

    Sexual Meter

    My Strip Club Tycoon Gameplay Screenshots

    My Verdict

    8.6 out of 10

    After taking everything into consideration, I’d have to say that Strip Club Tycoon is a great choice for those that adore the time management and base-building genres. Even though I’ve had some issues and elements I didn’t enjoy, the vast majority of my time was spent immersed in the clubbing world.

    Due to there being constant updates, you can expect to play this game for 20+ hours at least. I’d recommend this game for all to try, after all, it’s free and available on Android, PC, and even on browsers.

    I've been an avid gamer for the past 20 years and been heavily involved in playing and even creating adult games for the past 10 years. I now focus on reviewing, testing and doing play throughs of all the adult games I can get my hands on.

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